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  1. When i hold E down, nothing happens. The computer wont pop up, and it only brings up the regular computer. I've tried changing the key binding, still, nothing. any help?
  2. I love this mod to death, but am I the only one who never gets the ped images? it always displays "No ped image available." How do I fix this, or is there any way to?
  3. Okay, I used to have this and it was amazing, it worked perfectly and I loved it. but I had to reinstall it, but it won't work, it doesn't show the location. If you know how to fix this I would like some help. Thanks The same thing is happening to me!
  4. Ah! I just didn't have the els xml in the ELS > pack_default folder!
  5. Love it! I use it all the time! Great job!
  6. Okay, I did all the steps that were said so in the readme.txt, but when I launch the game, everything looks fine, but ELS doesn't seem to work with it, and the light bar and everything else apart from the tail lights won't flash whatsoever. Do you know anyway I could fix this?
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