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    This is really great! It would be really cool to have matching uniforms for the AI if you have the chance.
    These skins are great! I was hoping a couple days ago that something like this would come out. Very nice!
  1. morgangilcrest

    [ELS] San Andreas State Transport Police Mini-Pack

    Fantastic vehicles. Great lighting setup and beautiful liveries. One thing I noticed is that the lights get dimmed fairly quickly from the vehicle getting dirty but other than that I love them!
  2. morgangilcrest

    [ELS] LSPD Mini Pack

    With the Impala, I placed it in the correct slot and it said invalid model when I tried to spawn. Otherwise beautiful vehicles!
  3. morgangilcrest

    Sandy Shores Police (Rifle PD, CO Based)

    Looks fantastic! Also just seems to be a perfect fit for LSPDFR in general.
  4. Looks great! I am glad you made it. One thing I may suggest is to make them for the default police peds as well to go with EUP, just so everything can match in the game. Great job!
  5. morgangilcrest

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack

    Oh ok, no worries. Another idea is Tulare County, right next door, if you are ever looking for something.
  6. morgangilcrest

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack

    Looks very close to Kern County CA Sheriffs. If you ever were able to do it, a Caprice would also look fantastic. Well done on this one!
  7. morgangilcrest

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Is there a possibility of a Harley skin? Would look super badass
  8. morgangilcrest

    Columbus Ohio Police Uniform

    Any possibility of a motor unit uniform? Looks fantastic!
  9. morgangilcrest

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    The vehicles look very slick. I think the variety of vehicles is creative and I think the lightbars look great!
  10. morgangilcrest

    LSPD Texture Pack (San Diego, CA)

    As someone in San Diego, glad to see this! Will definitely use!