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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Blaine County textures for the linked BSCO_Pack (only for the Tahoe, and the CVPI) The file includes 2 textures, one for the Tahoe and one for the CVPI. Have fun
  2. Tardis

    Caffeine driven [W.I.P]

    NIce work, looks great.
  3. I've done the King County version for Blaine County allready, but not with an FPIU.... If anyone makes you pack, please send me a message, about the textures. Tardis
  4. Sure it's an good idea to switch to the "k-version". I tought he allready has that CPU, so i don't thinked at the non-k-version. Im simply forget that there are two versions.... But anyway, if he will upgrade his CPU, then i will suggest, he goes to an other socket, because the 1150-socket, is max.4-cores....
  5. The only things i recommend to upgrade in your system, are: The RAM, to 16GB Put an SSD in your PC too, and put GTA on the SSD. That will increase your loadingspeed. Since i've done that in my old system, (i had the i5-4460) GTA ran absolutly fine, with LSPDFR, and a lot of scripts, and a bunch of modded cars. There is only one problem, your upgradeidea won't work. Your CPU-Socket, is "LGA1150". for this socket, there are only 4cores CPU available. If you wan't to upgrade, your CPU, you have to pic an other socket, and with these, you need an other mainboard. But if you don't change the CPU, you shoud be, as i said, with a little more RAM, and an SSD, absolutly fine. For the SSD-part, i can recommend the 860 evo with 500GB from Samsung.
  6. Simply rename the files, to "police" . You may have do edit, the vehicles.meta too, because normally there is not an suv in the police slot.
  7. I've tryed the "Gorham PD" car, but I've sadly found only a couple pictures. What do you think about it? The same problem with the "Cumberland County Sheriff", but i tryed here to, to make it as cloes as possible, with the few pics i had, hope it is close enough.
  8. Tardis

    Unable to play LSPFR

    If your fast, you can cancel the update, when you start your pc. And to avoid the update when you start GTA 5/LSPDFR you can put Steam into Offlinemode, then it can't download anything.
  9. Tardis

    Can't launch LSPDFR

    And this is your solution:
  10. Tardis

    Rotator Support

    You're welcome.
  11. Tardis

    Clearing vechiles

    If you only installed cars in this folder you can put it anywhere else, and rename it. If you done that, GTA shoud take the original files.
  12. Tardis

    Clearing vechiles

    Did you made a backup, of you files? If you used a folder, wit the name "Mods"? If not, you have not you have to download the game again.
  13. Tardis

    Downgrade GTA V

    Via Steam it is, as far as i know, not possible to downgrade. I think you have to wait for an update of RPH.