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  1. Got it working, it was the Windows Media Player indeed. I had disabled it somehow. Working perfect now!
  2. Hi Albo! This keeps crashing for me. I responded to a prisoner transport, and as soon as I press Y to talk to the other officer it crashes. Same case with gas theft, I can respond fine but as soon as I talk to the other person with Y it crashes. I have gone through the troubleshooter (it says install Windows Media Player, but I think it should be included in Windows 10 and I can't download it from the website?) and all the steps but no help. Any ideas? RagePluginHook.log
  3. Hi Bejoljo, I have this same problem. I know the changelog says it's fixed in but it's not fixed for me. I see the new animations you mention in changelog, so I assume I have installed it correctly. But every time I try to breathalyze a suspect, the animation goes through and my character says "Thank you", but no notification of the result appears and the suspect starts walking away. Drug swap seems to work fine for me, so not sure what's going on.