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Born in 1991, in the Netherlands, and playing videogames since 2001.

It started all with some Mario and Pinball, later on followed by Mafia, in my opinion one of the best games ever made.

A few years later I got a better PC, so I was able to grow my collection games with including GTA IV.

GTA IV was also the first time I came in touch with LCPDFR, from here my love grew for the game, the mods and the Crown Vic.


With the Crown Vic it became even that worse that I own a fan/community page on Facebook, that I collect 1/18 model cars of it and pretty much can watch hours a day of video's of CVPI's running code 3.


Sadly enough in 2009 I also got a Xbox 360, LSPDFR became less a thing as my PC couldn't handle it all that great, and from that moment my dream was to make the swap back to PC again.


Now in 2017 it was my time to make my comeback with playing games on PC.

What my first game was that I bought on PC?

Offcourse GTA V, LSPDFR got downloaded on day one aswell, and I had my first hours of patrol on the same day that I got my PC.


It's great to use the mods of the best mod community out there, so if you are a modder and you check out this profile then I have one thing to say..

Thank you for making great mods, scripts, cars, textures etc.



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