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  1. @CodeWynne How does one acquire a custom belt from you? Is there a charge?
  2. OfficerMod

    Sherrif Deputy

    I've been using this for a while and I forgot to review. This pack is outstanding, given the fact that the duty belt has never been done before and you were the first to implement into E.U.P. is awesome. Love that it matches your fellow officers and have the same gear. Only thing wrong is that there isn't a LSPD version.
  3. OfficerMod

    Flashlight Overhaul

    I don't have a graphics.ytd in update/update.rpf/x64/textures...
    Five stars for the concept, works as expected, but I have a issue, maybe its my rig but whenever I have backup or pursuit backup my game lags heavily when they are around. This issue was never present for me with your other plugins, so I honestly don't why it lags only when backup is around.
  4. OfficerMod

    San Fire Dodge Magnum Battalion Skin

    Thank you.
  5. OfficerMod

    San Fire Dodge Magnum Battalion Skin

    Skin looks absolutely wonderful, on a side note, what visuals are you using? Your game looks amazing.
  6. OfficerMod

    Los Santos Police Department Pack

    Love this beauty of a pack. However could you please add unmarked liveries for the dodge ram and charger, please I beg you?
  7. OfficerMod

    LSPD Mega Pack [ELS] (LAPD Based)

    ^ I agree with the comment above, I'd rather have a whole fleet of one lightbar (arjent) than two different lightbars.
  8. OfficerMod

    Los Santos Police Department Ped Pack

    Love the pack, especially the vest, Oakley, and cap combo. Any chance of a EUP version?
  9. OfficerMod

    RoadIncident Callouts

    @SRS Bladez I think good spawn points would be the freeways and city intersections so EMS and fire could arrive on scene and allow for the player to then try and block traffic.