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  1. Good day I have another problem!) I have edited the model(there were several), and then maintained according to the instructions, respectively, were replaced. The game is loaded, but the spawn model is a crash game and POPs up a safe start.
  2. Ptic

    Help with Zmodeler

    Unfortunately, they still run away from their positions
  3. Ptic

    Help with Zmodeler

    Thank you very much, but now there is another problem, saves a file weighing 0 KB
  4. Hi friends, tell me how to make the flashing lights do not fall apart in this way?
  5. Hi guys! I apologize for my English! Help to find the right car! Utility. I almost fell in love with her.) As far as I understand, vapid Sadler or sandking. Or if someone suddenly does something similar, please share! Thank you! And if you're really brazen, can you have one lying around a fire with vanilla machines? Need a car-stairs, car-squad and battalion chief)