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  1. MelmanDesigns

    2018 F-150 XLT

    10/10. Insane amount of detail within the model. Only part I don't like is it is 1 LOD. Otherwise its a quality model!
  2. MelmanDesigns

    2018 Dodge Charger FUG Sheriff Unit

    Beautiful charger Trent! Also Welcome back!
  3. MelmanDesigns

    [NON-ELS] Remastered Captain14 FBI Pack

    Read the description of the vehicle first.
  4. MelmanDesigns

    [NON-ELS] Remastered Captain14 FBI Pack

    It has environmental lighting, but only in the front. I'm not the best with carcols.
  5. MelmanDesigns

    [NON-ELS] Remastered Captain14 FBI Pack

    Yes, I originally made it for fivem.
  6. Version 1.0.0


    General Info These are an unmarked/undercover 2018 Charger and 2015 Tahoe. When you spawn it in, please remove the tint from the car, or else the Whelen Ions won’t be shown. I’m not including templates because I couldn't get the template of the 2018 Charger to show properly. Bugs Both vehicles spawn in with tint.
  7. MelmanDesigns

    Whelen LINZ6 Super-LED Lighthead

    Thank you Five0 for releasing this! I was just looking for one and boom it appears! I will definitely be using this!