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    Really a nice car, well done mate! It's a 4/5 because of the issue I mentioned in the comments. Other than that... Great work!
  1. I'm having the same issue, it seems to be related to the LOD texture. Seems that for the LOD model it uses the texture called "taurus_generic", sadly dunno how to fix that by myself. Any clue?
  2. Unfortunately I cannot help with the log, as I said I'm far away from being a coder/modder, anyway I see that you have the Steam version, did you try a file check via Steam client? Unfortunately I cannot help with the log, as I said I'm far away from being a coder/modder, anyway I see that you have the Steam version, did you try a file check via Steam client? I was thinking the same.
  3. At this point I raise my hands and surrender. Do you have any mod car installed?
  4. Well if you added GTA V to steam you can do the check, I know that should be annoying but it's a start point from where you know that the base game is ok, from that point up you can investigate furthermore about the other things, another point should be download issues that can bring problems with corrupted archive files. Ugh here comes the headhache Cheers
  5. Lol, I didn't even thought the opposite Given that you have the steam version, should be a good idea to clean up the game folder (remove RPH, LSPDFR, etc...) and do a file check to verify your files and fix if something is broken, can't remember where I've read that some players had issues with mods and fixed this way.
  6. I have many plugins installed and I can say that all the crashes I'm having are related to the Callouts plugins. Had some crashes while filling the arrest report or traffic citations in Computer+ but seemed to be related to the Callout plugins agan, so I started to disable the Callouts and seems to work better. I think that most of the issues are related to the dlls that come with many plugins. I'm talking about the fact that many modders make their own dll needed to let their plugins work (eg. AutoItX3.dll, AutoItX3.Assembly.dll, AutoItX3_x64.dll, Albo1125.Common.dll, Stealth.Common.dll, and so on) this, in my honest opinion, SHOULD make some duplicated code calls that can lead to issues. I am far away to be a modder/coder but I think that to avoid this there should be a merged dll that provides what is needed to make plugins work flawlessly. This said, do you have any other plugin/mod installed along with TP+AM and Radio? This are the requirements NEEDED in order to make Traffic Police work: LSPDFR (not included) Albo1125.Common or higher (included) RAGENativeUI or higher (included) RAGEPluginHook 0.51 or higher (not included) A legal copy of GTA V (versions 1.0.1011.1-1.0.1290.1). Looking at your list you are at least missing "Albo1125.Common" and "RageNativeUI", do you have those in you GTA V game folder? Greets
  7. WoooooooW That's really nice Thanks a lot mate! Btw take your time trying fixing, it's not a big issue, the mod is still awesome! I googled on the fly and found this Dunno if it should help you, hope so. Keep up the great work!!!
  8. I know mate, that's why I search for unlocked models or devs ones. Thanks for the advice but most of all thanks for your mods, I really appreciate them
    4 stars only for the takedown lights pointing backward. Otherwise is a 5 stars!
  9. Great work mate!!! Really a great work. There's only 1 issue related to the takedown light that point backward, other than this it's perfect! BTW: I really like the Honda that is in the screenshots, it that public?
  10. Unfortunately there're no ALPR cameras on this vehicles, I'm trying to find a good tutorial to learn how to add them by myself (for personal use obviously) with no luck since now. That's the reason why I'm searching in the dowload section the vehicles that I like the most to make a fleet with ALPR cameras.
  11. You can also use the default windows snipping tool here the link to a guide: Use Snipping Tool to capture screenshots I would like to know it too, 'cause I'm having much fun and immersion using the alpr plugin and searching vehicles with the cameras installed (just for more immersion), since this is a nice pack it should be, at least to me, a good plus
    Exactly what I was searching for! A simple, useful and working Cruise Control. It took a bunch of minutes, to me, to find out how to use it with ELS vehicles but when I got it I was almost crying for happiness =P Even with some random crashes it's really great, although it crashes you only need to pop up the RPH console and type "LoadPlugin BasicCruiseControl.dll" and it works again as intended. Thanks a lot for this awesome plugin and keep up the good work!!! P.S.: for those having troubles I can say that there're 2 reasons: - a plugin/mod conflict - you are using an ELS vehicle. If this is the case, just activate once the ELS lights (default "J") and you'll see that the CC will then work with ELS Stage 1 and 2 and with ELS off, It will not work with ELS on Stage 3 'cause it is supposed that you are in pursuit or on an emergency then the CC will disable itself. Great job again!
    This is a great job man! Awesome from the start to the end, a little slippy honestly but nothing you can't manage with some fun or some tuning with Menyoo's trainer. BTW I'm having an issue related to the wing. I installed the car (addon version), spawned in game and it spawned with the wing that you see in your 3rd and 4th screenshot, using Menyoo's trainer I started enabling/disabling the extras and when it came to the 10th one the wing, obviously, disappeared but when I re-enabled the extra there was any wing, even the lower one. So I tried (almost 40 times) to spawn again the car with that wing but the only one that came is the lower, and not everytime, and if I try to disable and enable the 10th extra the no-wing bug is still there. Any clue? Thanks again for your work!
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