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  1. i'm such a big noob in lspdfr and i just wanted to ask if their is a mod that has sirens w/ sound (code 3) sirens w/ no sound (code 2) searchlights on the police cars
  2. realized that changed it it's working perfectly
  3. here you go m8 D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\Plugins
  4. i just downloaded ASSORTED CALLOUTS and i'm wondering why it does not work it keeps giving me the default callouts what did i do wrong i followed the installation guide correctly
  5. i was playing lspdfr and on duty my average fps around legion square is 20-25 fps on duty whilst off-duty it's around 50-60 fps (i'm running redux also) what do should i do
  6. i was playing around and noticed that my average fps near the park in mission row (legion square) and kept noticing that my average fps (whilst on duty) was around 20-25 FPS (off-duty around 50-60 with GTA V redux) i even tried turning it off same problem around 20-25 fps around legion square i'm using a GTX 1060 6gb with a ryzen 5 1600 processor
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