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  1. CanadianLaw

    How to Read Crash Reports

    Wow, that is so awesome. Thank you so much bud! I really appreciate you helping me out.
  2. Hello, I hope this is the right forum for this I will just get straight to the point, I love adding new stuff to my game, and often have issues with crashes. My usual first response is to delete the new thing I added, or ask somebody to read my crash report. I was wondering how to read these on my own, for my sake and for the poor guys who have to read them and end up finding obvious stuff. If anybody want to take the time to teach me how to read Rage Hook crash reports and recognize errors. I am a fast learner and I'm sure it won't take way too long. Thank you to anybody who will take the time to teach me.
  3. I love this siren so much but I cannot find the exact model, anybody able to help?
  4. CanadianLaw

    [4K] Calgary Police Service 2016 FPIS

    Hey man I know this was made a while ago, so I don't know if you're still willing but if you are please do a mini pack!
  5. CanadianLaw

    Package Installer Causing Crashes

    Whenever I add a car pack using a package installer it causes my game to crash, I can add normal cars but whenever I use the package installer to add addon vehicles it causing my game to crash upon loading.
  6. CanadianLaw

    Crashing When Cars Added

    Hey guys, I need assistance with my game, whenever I load in through ragehook, my game crashes. When I remove all of my added cars, it works just fine. But I sorta want cars, if anybody can give me a hand that'd be great. So far it's happened with 3 different car packs, addons and replace. I attached the proper log (I think) for you smart people to read, I have no clue what it means so maybe I'm missing something. Thanks for any help. RagePluginHook.log
  7. Hey, can I get one that removes: Phone Up (in vehicle/on foot) Select Weapon (in vehicle) [LB] Aim (in vehicle) Interaction Menu (in vehicle/on foot)
  8. Anyone know where I can find a radar gun model?
  9. Still nothing oh what sorry im stupid Thanks for the help man, sorry for the troubles.
  10. I can't find the newest version in the downloads, it's only 13.2 and 13.7, where do I find 14? http://prntscr.com/i6t2zp Sorry if this is obvious but it's frustrating me.
  11. CanadianLaw

    Ambient Ped Events/Interactions?

    This is awesome, just downloaded it myself. Thanks Dorian.
  12. CanadianLaw

    OpenIV not replacing cars.

    Okay, I had this issue and found out my error. This is a very simple thing you may have missed, like myself, all it is, is try to make sure that your mods folder has the actual update folder in it, not the contents of the update folder. If that does not make sense, make sure when going into your mods folder, you see an update folder, not the other 2. Hope this works buddy.