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  1. Seargent Boy.L

    EUP Addons and community modifications

    What about better belts with pepper spray more mags and a taser also a revamed holster brand new and maybe also a option for a European Belt
  2. Seargent Boy.L

    [ELS] 2019 Dodge Ram Undercover

    I absolute love this car wish you could make a version with out rambar, Since i have a european modded file and in europe atleast where i live they don't have rambars
  3. Seargent Boy.L

    GTA IV Dutch Police Pack

    I know its not in the GTA IV Category but i could not find any for GTA IV but my question was if anyone knows a good Dutch GTA 4 Police pack with link
  4. Seargent Boy.L

    VocalDispatch (Dutch Translation Pack)

    Ik mis de prio 1 dat soort dingen dit is gwn engels zowat
  5. Seargent Boy.L

    [ELS] 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    Looks Good
  6. Seargent Boy.L

    Dutch Unmarked Car

    I have seen this car in the the Series Flikken RotterDam, Its a Dutch Series But i would like to know, If any body knows a unmarked car or if it even exists please give me a link have a nice day or night
  7. Seargent Boy.L

    Dutch Uniforms

    Harstikke bedankt man Ga hier zeker van genieten.
  8. Seargent Boy.L

    Dutch Uniforms

    Hi there Has anyone found a old Dutch uniform the ones with the white shirt and with the black jacket if you do please give a link or comment where i could find it Have a nice day
  9. Seargent Boy.L

    BMW k1600 Police Bike [ELS]

    Hey man de motor ziet er goed uit alleen het glas is zwart dus kan niet zien door het raampje en de lamp is ook zwart
  10. Seargent Boy.L

    Emergency Lighting System IV

    How to get a lightbar for example a NYPD CVPI to rotate can't figure it out
  11. Seargent Boy.L

    DROT. ELS V8.

    Hey guys i am realy late to this but i downloaded the car and everything else and it still doesn't work please help me i also have the same LCPD CVPI as will putted in the picture
  12. Seargent Boy.L


    How Do you get those lights rotating have been trying for weeks can't figure it out please help ?
  13. Seargent Boy.L

    Federal Signal Vision SLR

    Prob sounds stupid but how do you put this into youre game
  14. Seargent Boy.L

    1990's NYPD Caprice Responding Code 3 to Assist

    What that ENB
  15. Seargent Boy.L

    Blaine County Sheriff Pack

    Love the car but just one thing would it be possible to make a non ELS or my own FiveM server