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    Nikeair244 got a reaction from Pipeline in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    good additions, id love to see a better police computer added like real life, maybe in future a Police Equipment update!, that would be great.
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    Nikeair244 got a reaction from BrooklynsOwn in Lspdfr/Rage Plugin   
    Add me on steam, holysmite22, i will help best i can. I know whats it like to not be familiar with something, i was not either when i was messing with this mod. But i know how it feels when you cant play it. 
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    Nikeair244 got a reaction from Sgt. Hamilton in Issues with my Frame Rate   
    i heard from posts in past, that the more plug-ins you install, it can cause frame drops, currently i get frame drops, but i got 15+ plugins installed. my frames started to drop after around 10 plugins, some of the files are not optimized, i been so busy with other things i have not found a work around to fix fps drops with mods, but if i come across something i will let you know.
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    Nikeair244 reacted to Giordano in LSPDFR Dying?   
    You can still play LSPDFR, it's not dead.  If you check the mods section there are a lot of mods still uploaded and managed.  Also, remember, LCPDFR is old as hell, yet people still play it.  (Granted, the modding community has essentially dwindled).  Still install LSPDFR, it'll be worth it! :)
    Unless I'm out of the loop, Traffic Policer isn't compatible because he hasn't updated it.  It has nothing to do with LSPDFR itself.  While I can't speak on behalf of LSPDFR updates, the mod is far from dead.  There is still a large number of users playing it, which includes new people daily.
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    Nikeair244 reacted to BejoIjo in Traffic Policer Issue.   
    I always got that warning but everything seems to be fine.
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    Nikeair244 got a reaction from throbak1991 in Traffic policer   
    Yeah a lot of the mods i saw are so outdated, by i mean, years. If i knew how to mod i would be working on some myself, but never modded a game before. Hell if albo sent me info on how to mod i would take my time to fix a lot of outdated ones, a lot of have been downloading lspdfr for first time this year, like me. I was not around when this all first came out, i kinda wish i was, things were not so buggy.