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  1. Riot J.

    Los Santos Police Department [Pack]

    Thank you for the awesome work. Keep it up! Always waiting to see what you create next!
  2. Riot J.

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office [Pack]

    LMAO. So can you not read? 1. He posted all of the links for the cars available. 2. He specifically stated that the FPIU was only available through a special location as said Author does not post on this website anymore.
  3. Riot J.

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office [Pack]

    Looks beautiful! AHH! So glad you kept working on this and made it into an entire release! GOING TO PAIR SO NICELY WITH YOUR LSPD PACK!!!!!! Excited to have a full fleet now! Thank you bb! - Riot J.
  4. Riot J.

    LSIA Police Department Mini Pack [4K]

    Amazing Skins! They Look Awesome!!!
  5. Riot J.

    Los Santos Police Department 2014 Charger

    Amazing!!! I use this charger personally, and this AWE! Thank you so much for the amazing skins and amazing work! Keep at it bro!
  6. Riot J.

    Los Santos Police Department 2015 Tahoe

    Just downloaded this and It goes very well with the CVPI you made! Great work! Can't wait to see what the future has in store! Keep it up!
  7. Riot J.

    Los Santos Police Department CVPI

    @Steele1925 I'm aware that its not real and it was an imitation. That's why I provided a winky face.
  8. Riot J.

    Los Santos Police Department CVPI

    Great looking skin. Very Sleek and form fitting for Los Santos. Only thing is that "LosSantosPolice.com" isnt a real website.
  9. Amazing model and vehicle. The only 2016 FPIU to eve install in my game. Have two things to say though; however they aren't a dealbreaker for me, just thought you'd like to know. On both the slicktop and non-slicktop model, they have an issue with a random white light emitting from underneath the driver's side mirror. But on the Slicktop model, the lights in the rear passenger windows don't flash the same. On the drivers side they flash together with a nice change between blue and red but on the passengers side they flash separately and only in red. Hope my pictures do justice, if not let me know and I'll collect some more.
  10. Riot J.

    [ADDON/REPLACE] [ELS] 2015 Fire Department Tahoe's

    I too would like to comment about this same thing. To me, what it looks like is just a far LOD issue. I spawned in both tahoes right next to each other and walked far away and the entire slicktop tahoe just disappears: however the lights will continue flashing in their respective places. Love both of these and can't wait to see your improvements in the future. Otherwise, great work so far!
    10/5 Stars if I could. The light set-up is just so amazing and the HQ of the entire vehicle, AHH!!! Would recommend that everyone use this vehicle!!! Just some amazing work produced by this dude. @Thehurk Keep it up bro! Can't wait to see what the future has in store.
  11. @Thehurk What an amazing model that you have here! Love the entire set up and love the fact that you used the fog lights. That seems to be something not a lot of creator's take advantage of when it comes to the 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility. Only complaint that I have is in reference to what @jimbo8282 recently commented. If you look in the attached image, it seems like a headlight lod appears on the driver's side door there, right underneath the sideview mirror. Not sure if it's even possible to change; however, it will not affect me using this amazing vehicle, just wanted to give a little feedback. Keep up the amazing work!
  12. Riot J.

    Larimer County CO Texture Pack

    Amazing job, I am excited to use these textures! Can't wait to see your Poudre Fire Authority skins!
  13. Riot J.

    My GTA 5 keeps crashing when loading

    No I wasn't able too: however, I kept back tracking in my files and finally found the issue. I guess I wasn't going back far enough. Thanks for your awesome work and support @Kallus Rourke Much appreciated!
  14. I too, am experiencing this same problem. I usually launch GTAV with steam, but it doesn't fully load. For instance, GTAV will launch, it will start loading through RPH and then after all the plugins I have set to start at that moment are done loading in, boom GTA V has crashed. :/ Not sure what I'm doing wrong. It was just working a few days ago...starting to think it's an issue with one of the cars I was trying to install.