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  1. No. But I reverted my game version from inside RPH and that worked. But now the game randomly crashes.
  2. I reverted the game version from inside RPH but now it crashes all the time.
  3. I updated to newest RPH I couldn't load it when Steam updated my game the other day. Please help!
  4. muzikizm

    LSPDFR Dying?

    What are you posting? Very excited about LS Noir. I don't see anything new. Thanks!
  5. muzikizm

    Lspdfr+ Court System

    The court system has stopped working. Has anybody else had this issue?
  6. Thanks Kallus. Everything's working great now except some of the features of Traffic policed and Arrest Manager. Do you recommend any callout packs that are compatible with the court system?
  7. Ok so I had everything working fine. Tried about 5 more different ways. Played for awhile and again noticed that all the callouts are pursuits, so I got bored and installed Traffic Policer. Now F4 only pauses the game and does not bring up the console.
  8. Installed it last night, had issues that I finally figured out. Had to update to the newest version of Rage Hook. Updated the ini file. Everything worked fine. Copied the files for LSPDFR+, Traffic Policer and Arrest Manager. Nothing would load after that. Uninstalled GTAV, reinstalled everything. Updated RageHook and the ini file. Now nothing loads again. Trying to find an answer on here is difficult and this website is slow as shit. Can someone please just help me install this. It should not be this complicated and I would like to play it but don't have all of these hours to waste trying to install it 10 different ways.
  9. muzikizm

    Please Help Install

    I'm sure there's a bunch of guides or posts that I can't find, but I am a dummy when it comes to these things. I recently got GTAS V through Steam. Can someone please help me install and load LSPDFR. I have no clue what I am doing. Thanks in advance!