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    Hello there no one know me but I am new to the website but been playing GTA as long as I can remember, I have got this idea of a new callout plugin that I would want some one to make, I don't have a clue what to do myself. 
    Here it goes... 
    Do you remember Worlds widest police chases out on PS1? Well this is the very first cop game that I played and had a idea going around in my head to think well I wonder if this is possible in GTA V LSPDFR of course. 
    The missions I would like or callouts etc  Would be like escorting patients to different hospitals, hostage situation in hospital obviously would need open interiors to go in side a bit like the bank robbery callouts, delivering transplant stuff like blood, heart etc. Fly patients to  hospitals over long distance may be as well and other missions like that oh also like disturbances at the hospital, guarding a patient for protect etc. 
    So please tell me if this would be possible to make a callout like this? If any one would be interested in making one? 
    Many regards 
    Lee Williamson
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    I think what you need to do is go to ragehook settings and then go to commands and tick the directx 11 and force-windowed mode its working for me now as well.
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