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  1. Hi there, I want to add a bottle of beer in the hand of my Ped. But i don't know how it works? Can anyone help me? Thanks
  2. Hi there, In my Callout Plugin I have a Ped who is fight against me. But when I will arrest them it stucks in a unusual way like this: http://sendvid.com/kmpv1jdu Can anyone help me pls? My Code: using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Text; using System.Threading.Tasks; using Rage; using LSPD_First_Response.Mod.API; using LSPD_First_Response.Mod.Callouts; using LSPD_First_Response.Engine.Scripting.Entities; using System.Drawing; using System.Threading; namespace HotCallouts.Callouts { [CalloutInfo("PersonWithAKnife", CalloutProbability.Medium)] class PersonWithAKnife : Callout { private Ped Suspect; private Vector3 SpawnPoint; private Blip SuspectBlip; public override bool OnBeforeCalloutDisplayed() { SpawnPoint = new Vector3(-(609f), -(388f), 34f); ShowCalloutAreaBlipBeforeAccepting(SpawnPoint, 40f); AddMinimumDistanceCheck(10f, SpawnPoint); CalloutMessage = "Person with a Knife"; CalloutPosition = SpawnPoint; Functions.PlayScannerAudioUsingPosition("CITIZENS_REPORT CRIME_PERSONCARRYINGKNIFE IN_OR_ON_POSITION UNITS_RESPOND_CODE_02", SpawnPoint); return base.OnBeforeCalloutDisplayed(); } public override bool OnCalloutAccepted() { Suspect = new Ped(SpawnPoint); Suspect.IsPersistent = true; Suspect.Inventory.GiveNewWeapon("WEAPON_KNIFE", 1, true); Suspect.RandomizeVariation(); Suspect.CanAttackFriendlies = true; Suspect.BlockPermanentEvents = true; Suspect.RelationshipGroup = "RED"; Game.LocalPlayer.Character.RelationshipGroup = "BLUE"; Game.SetRelationshipBetweenRelationshipGroups("RED", "BLUE", Relationship.Hate); Game.SetRelationshipBetweenRelationshipGroups("BLUE", "RED", Relationship.Hate); SuspectBlip = Suspect.AttachBlip(); SuspectBlip.Color = Color.Yellow; SuspectBlip.EnableRoute(Color.Yellow); return base.OnCalloutAccepted(); } public override void Process() { base.Process(); switch (Game.LocalPlayer.Character.Position.DistanceTo(Suspect.Position) < 30) { case true: Game.DisplayNotification("True"); Suspect.Tasks.FightAgainstClosestHatedTarget(50); break; case false: Game.DisplayNotification("False"); Suspect.Tasks.Wander().WaitForCompletion(); break; } if (Suspect.IsDead || Suspect.IsCuffed) { Functions.PlayScannerAudio("WE_ARE_CODE FOUR NO_FURTHER_UNITS_REQUIRED"); End(); } } public override void End() { base.End(); if (Suspect.Exists()) { Suspect.Dismiss(); } if (SuspectBlip.Exists()) { SuspectBlip.Delete(); } } } }
  3. Hi there, I'm working on my first plugin for LSPDFR and i want spawn a Ped who is going around and not standing at the same Position all the Time I hope you can help me out. Thanks
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