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    It wouldn't be hard to establish clear criteria. "Anybody with at least 1 mod with at minimum X thousand downloads", for example. It's obviously up to the discretion of the development team how to handle developer interactions, but when you go two years between releases and don't even give developers the opportunity to give feedback/testing on the API, that is pretty frustrating. I remember right after 1.3.1 released, there was a GitHub for us to report issues and feature requests. There has been no activity on that page since 2016. The dev community provided ample suggestions and requests and has heard nothing back. Anyone who's ever played LSPDFR without any plugins knows it's plugins that keep it interesting and alive. Granted, 0.4 will add a lot more built-in, but at the end of the day LSPDFR is much less enjoyable and replayable without third-party callouts and plugins. 
    I'm glad to hear that there will be backwards compatibility without having to recompile. I imagine most of the more complex mods will still have to be substantially though. 
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    I second this.  I'm looking forward to not using such resource heavy mods and using less non-callout plugins.
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    Yes, this is possible in 0.4 - added cars are fully supported.
    They're managed by LSPDFR, so they will have the ability to arrest - we'll have more to say about police AI sort of stuff soon.
    This is a good point about setting the response time.  It's not something that is currently possible, but we'll definitely look into it.   One of the cool things about 0.4 though is that as you call more units, they do arrive from further and further away.  This can be quite interesting if you're close to the border with another agency's areas, as eventually the other agency will start to respond too which makes for some nice looking scenes especially in Davis if you have it set up to be patrolled by the sheriffs.
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    Airbus A380 reacted to Ezra in LSPDFR 0.4 - Epic Customization   
    Please remember that all these mods are provided for free, and are by volunteers.  No one is getting paid for making LSPDFR, Rage, etc.  We really don't owe anything to anyone, to be honest.
    As much as it sucks to wait, would you rather 0.4 be released now with bugs, and possibly unfinished features, or wait the extra minute and have all the features working and the huge bugs taken care of? 
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