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    so cool to have in your game, but it's missing something and i can't really tell whats missing. i think you need to develop it more, like when i report my status to dispatch, the dispatch it self should send backup units. plus, a spotlight that automatically follow the suspect car/foot would be an amazing addon to the script, (built-in) i know there is a script that does that. just my opinion
  1. Pavy fixed my solution, it was a corrupted mods folder Thank you so much!
  2. Hi, Si i did install the Tahoe LSSD 2015, and game worked fine. But after that i installed another vehicle and then game start to crash and wont startup correctly. So if someone have a backup for the carvariations.meta and vehicles.meta, so i can re-download those 2 and replace what i have, and start over. i forgot to take a backup before doing all this, so i know it's my fault Thank you.
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