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  1. i like using french time. its more convenient when you're an hour ahead of us. haha. bonjour
  2. as a british person who respects the french. where is lspdfr 4.0 its 17 minutes late. cause its NOT (it is) 23:19 here and i want to be funny.
  3. just going to jump in and say https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/21480-els-2010-k9-charger/ it goes well with this. im guessing thats what your intention was :D
    Flawless (thanks for getting the unmarked version fixed so fast too)
  4. ". Although, when it's a certain distance away, a large black object appears and blocks my view. I'm unsure what's causing this, but it has only began to occur with this model." but mine is a hella lot more noticeable, i rate the fudge out of this though its just a little unplayable for me at this current moment
  5. You may only provide a review once you have downloaded the file. i just didnt sign in.. 5 stars love the look really really excited to try out RIGHT NOW! :d
  6. yay my fav car person is back :D i hope you enjoyed vacation they look awesome =] cant wait for more. only cars i use now are yours :D
  7. now i have a hard choice. change from your san fransisco style to this style. aw. looks fantastic.
  8. Jedahdiah i am a big fan, like trust me. i love your car packs and if i find a problem i will do my best to fix it ( like your recently els xml thingies. i worked out all by myself how to change them to blue and amber ( before you made an update) anyways. so im like a huge huge fan of your San Francisco pack, your Atlanta pack (reminds me of baby driver when im driving around, shame there is no 2014 charger like in the movies but whatever still every pack you've come out with has been ten out of ten in my opinion but (always a but) please one of these days can we see a police bike included in the packs so i can drive around a nice shiny motorcycle matching your pack tldr add a motorcycle to any of your future packs please.. i love your packs 10/10 i mean that.
  9. i saw this :) but it would still have the same problem (couldnt get a traffic stop on them).. but i know how to pull them over now :D keep my distance. but thanks anyway too :)
  10. aha thank you though, i found it by accident, i was mid way through giving up pulled back and "bing" :D thank you.. back to modding now :) already have a SHiPs Bike Mo, now for EUP!
  11. i just found out with the flatbed too so it seems anything with a fixed trailer.. and thank you, i look forward to what you find out. i'm going to try with a car now I FOUND IT :D on the Pounder/Flatbed you blip them and then pull back a good distance and then pull them over like that.. so you leave like two/three/four car lengths :D awesome :) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1181741270 :D
  12. i tried what you said with the pounder.. no response what so ever with the bike.. aha always got my helmet on, doesn't do much if i fall off though haha!! (i'm an alright bike rider though honestly) i found the sweet post easily with the 18 wheeler.. i did as you said and it worked its magic.. just pounders then! thank you so much either way :)
  13. im going to crash and die :D (as im on a bike) aha
  14. thanks :) ill do my best to ignore the pounder though as you cant quite get behind the cab as its got a fixed trailer thingy.. do you ever struggle to pull over pounders?
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