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  1. Its standalone so you can run it alongside LSPDFR, FiveM, Console or even Black Ops 4 if you're into that kind of thing. Although, it would be way more practical to use the LSPDFR+ CAD for LSPDFR.
  2. No, its not tested on windows XP however, Visual Studio says it'll work on all windows operating systems.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    This file contains real audio from the Temecula 11-99 shooting a few months ago. I plan to add real background radio chatter in the future which gives it the [WIP] tag.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This pack includes 2016 FPIS 2015 Tahoe [K9] 2009 Dodge Charger
  5. ModzWingzZ

    Dodge Caravan Undercover/Unmarked

    Please template this
  6. ModzWingzZ

    AAA I.R.U. Van by Modz WingzZ

    Version 1.0.0


    Here's a Christmas gift for ya'll. DISCLAIMER: Read the [README] file before use. FEATURES Tow hook, Livery based off a real company Custom mapped speedo by TheF3nt0n
  7. ModzWingzZ

    Special Assignments Unit

  8. Version 2.0


    Introducing my newest, (first) mod, UltraSACAD, this stands for Ultra San Andreas Computer Aided Dispatching. But this is MORE Than just a CAD, This is a Speed radar, Plate checker, id checker, Dispatch sheet, and more coming soon, ALL IN ONE. How this works on console RP UltraSCAD is an external modification, it is a .exe file that runs on its own, the ped check, and veh check and speed radar are randomly generated. this makes UltraSACAD compatible with console RP, greaty improving RP scenarios. How this works on FiveM Servers UltraSCAD is an external modification, it is a .exe file that runs on its own, the ped check, and veh check and speed radar are randomly generated. Although there ARE already server side Speed clocks, and ped scripts this can be used as an alternative. How this works with LSPDFR I admit it, this is not a practical CAD for LSPDFR when you take into account that theres already all of these features in LSPDFR+ but, i am working on a .dll To hook my mod with GTA 5, so this may become more practical in the later future. PREREQUISITES Windows XP-10 (32 Bit or Higher) FUTURE FEATURES .dll File to link My mod to GTA (Or maybe build my cad into a .asi Menu) Better web browsing Leave Comments for suggestions please Better record searching interface DONE KNOWN BUGS Sluggish (Barely working) Web browsing
  9. ModzWingzZ

    LSPD-Pensacola Police Department-SKIN PACK

    Nice skins! Id like to see what you could do with Gardena PD, most people do a half ass job with that livery lol.
    Nice for SP Patrols
  10. ModzWingzZ

    2015 Tahoe PPV SoundOff Interior Nforce Light bar

    You retard, no department would use this stupid simple lighting set up. You can't even see it from the sides you retard.
  11. ModzWingzZ

    [Livery] San Andreas Game Warden CVPI

    I like it
    I love this, just wish EUP would add a marshall uniform so i dont have to use DOA