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  1. Will Zoftrak

    Are you a beast at modding gta? I need help

    Sounds good man!
  2. Will Zoftrak

    Are you a beast at modding gta? I need help

    Shoot me your Discord and I'll help you. Keep in mind this is free help, I'm married and have two children, so my time will be limited. I do have a couple hours set aside this evening though.
  3. Will Zoftrak

    Do you see anything that is known to cause drastic FPS loss?

    I have to find the balance, because a barebones LSPDFR isn't going to cut it and neither will 30FPS. I wonder if something like an i9-9900K would help combat the issue any.
  4. Will Zoftrak

    Do you see anything that is known to cause drastic FPS loss?

    I knew the mod's description advertised it as a minimal to no FPS impact, but I thought you knew something I didn't. Haha I am getting somewhere though; I have disabled auto loading of the plugins in the first picture and reintroduced them to the game manually through the console (they don't seem to be the culprit, although invincible police vehicles does use some resources and is good/bad for a couple FPS). Having removed all callouts (sans Assorted Callouts which I believe is a requirement for a couple other big ticket items) as well as Callout Manager and More Radio Chatter, my game is pretty close to 60FPS in the city now with occasional dips into the upper 40s. I guess now it's time to start reintroducing one by one, because I can't play with absolutely zero callouts. Haha
  5. Will Zoftrak

    Do you see anything that is known to cause drastic FPS loss?

    I will try removing those two, and Callout Manager if these two do nothing, and report back with my results. Thanks!
  6. So essentially the issue I'm having is that I can play GTA V (even with RPH loaded) at 80+ FPS (with the highest settings possible) anywhere in the state. That includes setting the grass to ultra, but I guess that's neither here nor there (just giving an idea about my setup; it's decent you know?). Anyway, the moment I go on duty my FPS drops to 45-50 in the countryside and an almost dead even 35 in the city. I know a hit is to be expected but I feel what I'm experiencing is a little much. My CPU nor my GPU are being overly taxed, as according to a couple different monitoring programs I'm well under 100% utilization. Neither are thermal throttling either, so I feel like it isn't a hardware issue (especially considering I can play off duty at exceptional frames). Any help, ideas and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. This is the reason I have stopped recording videos for my YouTube, because I feel it's junk quality with the provided frames. If any other folder contents need to be provided, just let me know and I'll be happy to oblige. I would also like to mention that changing my graphics settings does nothing and that I've also tried removing ALL of my callouts even though I immediately go unavailable for calls. Nothing so far has helped.
  7. Will Zoftrak

    POLICE4 crashes game

    I would definitely remove your police4 files and return to vanilla any carvariations, etc. you messed with in the process (just pertaining to police4) and see if that fixes your problem. If so, there's an installation error or possibly just a bad model.
  8. Will Zoftrak

    Gaming computer specs

    Make a post in LSPDFR Support and I'll be glad to try and help you out.
  9. Will Zoftrak

    VocalDispatch not working

    I won't be much help with this post as I'm struggling with the same issue myself, but I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone. Myself and several others I've talked to, even after having verified our language packs, speech training and microphone testing, simply can't get VocalDispatch to work. It says "didn't copy" before a transmission ever has time to go through, and after three attempts or so just stops responding altogether. The frustrating thing is I've had VD working on several computers/installs and now, just nothing.
  10. Will Zoftrak

    Gaming computer specs

    It will probably need upgrading just based on the fact that I don't recall Gateway ever having been a gaming computer company, but maybe you have something special. What are the specs? A general rule of thumb is that it will take roughly $600 to build a desktop that will play GTA V at 1080p comfortably on low/medium settings. About $1K to have GTA V running smooth at High/Very High and $1,500 to run on Ultra. Now that's just assuming you play regular ole GTA V without mods. Rage Plugin Hook and LSPDFR combine to take away about 20-25FPS off the base game, plus any plugins, which are generally resource heavy. That's why when you look at all the YouTubers running LSPDFR loaded with cars and plugins, they have top of the line i7/i9 CPUs and GTX 1080 or better GPUs. Those are $2K plus rigs. If you can sacrifice some settings and deal with 40-50 FPS then you can have a solid GTA V/LSPDFR PC for around $800. For more on GTA V requirements, see this link. But keep in mind those requirements and recommendations don't take into account the LSPDFR world.
  11. Will Zoftrak

    Gaming computer specs

    You will literally spend 1.5-2x more money on a laptop to run GTA V with LSPDFR and other add-ons than you would a desktop. Ask me how I know. Granted, I have a desktop too, but it's nice to be able to game on the go. I'm rocking an Alienware 17 R5 with an i7-8750H and GTX 1070. Even at lower settings I only see 40-50FPS in the city with LSPDFR loaded.
  12. Will Zoftrak

    Is keeping GTA 5 up to date the best?

    I recall being six months plus without updating. When does the forcing update start and how does it work? Most of my issues with LSPDFR are with things that are probably impossible to change, and keep it stable, unless you're Rockstar or a developer with the tools to do it. So I don't see 0.4 as being a big deal for me personally.
  13. Will Zoftrak

    Is keeping GTA 5 up to date the best?

    I, too, resist updates as long as humanly possible. I think this was my last update until 0.4 releases. Even then I'll probably keep these files somewhere and switch out from time to time depending on how 0.4 is and how quickly it's supported.
  14. Will Zoftrak

    May as well share the fun with y'all!

    Started a YouTube channel late last month and am trying to upload content every other weekday. So far so good. It won't always be LSPDFR related, but the channel will skew heavily towards it. Anyway, check it out if you will and let me know what you think! I'll embed the most recent episode of LSPDFR below. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYzx0HWqEF-Yx3FyAlbXvpg
  15. Technically going on duty makes you immune from police attention, but if that is your only goal, LSPDFR is a very involved and system heavy way of doing that. Just download a trainer, I recommend Simple Trainer, and you can make yourself invincible to police attention (as well as a TON of other cool things).