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  1. alright thank you is there anychance you can send me a link to one please ?
  2. i forgot which author made this do you have a clue maybe ?
  3. hey i have an unmarked cvpi and when i turn on its takedown light they are lighting the other way as shown in the photo
  4. hey am trying to replace police 3 in openiv but after replacing it in patchday3 it still the vanila model i did manged to replace other police cars such as police 2 police 4 sheriff but this one isnt wanting to change
  5. the game works fine without ragehook
  6. my ragehook is crashing on startup i have a clean gtav folder and i have installed only lspdfr here is log RagePluginHook.log
  7. i have the same problem but anti virus is turned off
  8. i do have but there are no any AI patrols there
  9. thank you but its not exacly what i wanted
  10. other patrols on the road
  11. Hey is there any mode or a plugin that add AI on police petrol ?
  12. hey i have this problem with my spotlight that it only works when pointing it on the sides when i point it on the front it just disappears
  13. hey Is there anyway I can make all cops use combat pistol instead of the regular one ?
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