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  1. Officer  Chris

    United Counties Sheriff's Department Pack

    Got it installed now. Thanks man it's amazing! Black Jesus has an ELS Silverado as well. Check it out! Livery works perfect on it
  2. Hello dude, this pack is what i was waiting for! Could you send me the links of the sheriff cars? Would be great...i don't trust the OIV Installers... you know in which patchday the sheriff cars are going to be if i install it?
  3. Officer  Chris

    [ELS]marked/ unmarked ram without skin

    Great Work Sir! 5 !
  4. Officer  Chris

    Georgia Styled - San Andreas State Police Pack

    Hey dude, can you please tell me how i can always spawn it in black and white color? Like on your picture: It is always grey when i spawn it. Would appreciate your help!
  5. Officer  Chris

    [ELS]unmarked 2013 captiva

    Hello Ofc. Tej, pls tell me which handling line i can use. My vehicle is turning all the time. Thanks