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  1. Forgotten Relic

    [4k] City Of Paleto Bay Police Pack

    Well done, I love the way they look. Is it based off a particular department or a design you came up with? Either way I couldn't find anything negative that stood out to me - 5 stars.
  2. Forgotten Relic

    Blaine County Sheriff 4K

    You easily make some of the best textures for these vehicles. Fantastic job recreating CCSO skins, they look great.
  3. Forgotten Relic

    San Andreas Mega-Pack

    Nice work so far, look forward to the updates.
  4. Forgotten Relic

    Los Santos Police Pack (TPD)

    Edit the vehicle.meta, change police3 to police2. Or you could just flip the FPIU/Charger places.
  5. Forgotten Relic

    Los Santos Police Pack (TPD)

    We've been missing your work for far too long, 5/5.
  6. Forgotten Relic

    [ELS] Vanilla RX2700 Pack

    Well done, I'm surprised vanilla vehicles with ELS aren't more of a thing. Any future plans in expanding with Sheriff/Undercover?
  7. Forgotten Relic

    Melbourne/West Melbourne Dodge Charger Pack

  8. Forgotten Relic

    Brevard County Sheriff's Office Mini Pack + Animal Services

    Downloading now, any plans for other vehicles or is this a completed pack?
  9. Forgotten Relic

    [4k] [KIT] Marion County Skin Kit

    Nice of you to release these. Florida has the best sheriff designs.
  10. Forgotten Relic

    [Real] Osceola County Sheriff

    Beautiful work, nearly spot on. One minor issue is with the '13 Tahoe, you misspelled 'Osceola' I've always felt that Florida Sheriff Departments have some of the best liveries, I appreciate when you bring a new one out!
  11. Forgotten Relic

    [Real] Palm Beach County Sheriff Skins

    Huge improvement in all areas from the previous PBSO textures you released. Nice work and spot on! The pack that would've worked perfectly with these skins was by toy, he's since removed the pack from the website unfortunately.
  12. Forgotten Relic

    Miami Beach Police Dept. (Completed)

    I live locally, so I imagine I could help.
  13. Forgotten Relic

    Miami Beach Police Dept. (Completed)

    Redownloaded, great work! Blends in perfectly with the rest of my Miami cars/texture. Any interest in doing other South Florida cities? Fort Lauderdale?
  14. Forgotten Relic

    Miami-Dade Police, Fire, and Rescue Pack

    Any chance you can add new textures with Medic's new EMS pack? Would look fantastic!
  15. Forgotten Relic

    Miami Beach Police Dept. (Completed)

    Love seeing my local police textures coming to life, nice work and looking forward to the rest.