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  1. I went ahead and uninstalled it and reinstalled it now it takes the key changes fine, Technology is sometimes not technology. Thanks all
  2. As I said it doesnt matter what I change it to, it still displays double menues. FYI default is B not C
  3. I like ultimate backup and even with the latest update I still have conflicts with lspdfr B keybind. I have changed my Ultimate back up keys and lspdfr keys and they both still default to B and all I get is menu on top of menu. Has anyone figured this one out.
  4. I thought it was only me, What a releaf
  5. FYI, computer plus isn't working after the update. Gonna reinstall computer plus to see if that corrects it
  6. I'm using radiant V and I love the intensity of all the lights except for brake lights, is there a method to reduce the brightness of brake lights only?
  7. if I can get my game stable, i may have to try it
  8. I've noticed that at times when my ped flees and I perform my duties and return to the traffic stop the vehicle is gone? is that normal or a bug?
  9. I searched a vehicle but forget how i did it. I read it in the config files. sorry cant give any further info, currently at work.
  10. I don't know how to read this, All I see are ????????? towards the end. What caused my crash. Something dealing with an unhandled report or something like that. I was using stop the ped when this happened. RagePluginHook_11032019_141753.log
  11. What are we using to search a vehicle? Only plugins I'm currently using are arrest manager, smart radio, LSPDFR Computer+ and traffic policer.
  12. would you happen to know what it is called
  13. I had this problem in 0.3 and forgot how I got rid of it. While using computer plus I give a citation with L Ctrl and pageup. I give citation and spawn a red vih. How do I disable that?
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