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  1. A18Gamer


    Just thought i'd give creating my own skins a go.
  2. A18Gamer

    LSPD Pack 2018 - UK Style

    Great looking cars and textures on point. Been waiting for UK based LSPD cars and now they're finally here, thanks man! Can't wait for more cars to be added. I'll also definitely use one of these in my next patrol and post it on YouTube. Would fully recommend to anyone wanting UK style police cars but keeping the LS theme.
  3. A18Gamer

    LSPD Pack 2018 - UK Style

    YES! I've been waiting so long for a UK based LSPD texture. I can't wait to put it in game.
  4. A18Gamer


    Just some random pics from my freemode gameplay.
  5. A18Gamer

    LSPDFR episode thumbnails