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  1. Thanks i tried to delete the reflective textures and now it works perfectly
  2. I was wondering the same... thanks
    This is so great. I'm a LA police fan. Are you planning to make LASD texture as well? I think there is no a decent Pack about it yet
  3. When i arrest someone it says the suspect is dead... it isn't normal... previous version worked great
  4. I have this problem too. brand new PC with : intel i9, 32 GB Ram and 2080, NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2070. All the correct settings in LSPDFR .ini and all textures in 2k. Please do something to fix it...
  5. I have a problem with the texture of the bear cat. Even if i replace it with yours, i can actually see both of them (lspd and lapd) on the vehicle... i guess cuz there are also reflective textures. I tried to delete the reflective but now the bearcat is all black with no decals... any idea?
  6. LSPDFR crashes when i'm trying to stop a car. It says that your pluging is ticking... what can i do?
  7. Hi guys... can you tell me why backup.xml and custombackup file don't update with RDE installation? Is there a way to have them fixed? Thanks a lot
  8. I fixed it. it was probably a meta file of a vehicle that mess everything up... every lights was not working (even the non - els) i recreated the update folder in "mods" and it worked
  9. I have the same problem.... lights are not working.... any fix?
  10. I have a question.. is there a way to fix the AI els of Others vehicles when they run to you? i mean they have random siren tones and sometimes they're really annoying.. other times the siren tone stays on even when the officer is out of the car... it's no that real.. I hope u know what i mean..LOL
  11. It seems great but i'm very bad at working on meta files... cuz i've already mess it up once... Waiting for the installation pack (pls do it) or maybe a tutorial on youtube to install it LOL ;) (if you want to install all the vehicles, do you have to replace the vehical.meta file everytime (seems no sense to me) or just once... Thanks
  12. Hello, thanks fot the Amazing job. I have a problem thou. I follow you directions to install everything, even the gameconfig (both) file but the game keeps crashing just before loading lspdfr (during Story loading). What the problem could be? Pls Help!!
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