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    Best livery pack i've tried. Please make more sheriff packs!
  1. Will this be updated soon? I go in game and when it launches, its unstable and crashes frequently. LSPDFR is unplayable without this.
    Ok, I don't have any words. 5 stars isnt enough. Make more packs just like this one!
    ohhhh my god, another amazing car. PLEASE MAKE ANOTHER CAR PACK! they are always amazing
    Whoah, this is too good to be true. This pack is AMAZING! Its by far my favorite and I cant wait for more skins for this pack. The light setup, the amount of lights, the models, so perfect.
    I mean, looks good, but the unmarked is weird. The interior lights at the windshield, look very bad. Its an old rotating light that doesn't even rotate, and the other lights just look odd. Its a new car, just with terrible outdated lights. If you could put new lights on the windshield, my review would be 10/10.
  2. Please make a mega pack with CVPI, Tahoe, and maybe an impala!!!
    Well, they are alright. Simple models, look pretty good. But the ELS is only one setting, when it should be at least 3. Lighting pattern is simple, and looks bland. But overall, ,great for a first car pack.
  3. These are AMAZING! So realistic and just sexy as fuck. Dude, PLEASE DO MORE! Do a New Hampshire State Police pack next!
    AMAZING! So accurate and so nice looking. Make some more car packs on real life departments please? Maybe a Tenessee Highway Patrol pack?
  4. @Windows446 You better make a pack out of this. That would be amazing. The one that exists already has low res skins. This car though, is just freaking amazing. THE INTERIOR LOOKS SO GOOD
    Very good, realistic, and its perfect. I've been waiting so long for this ever since your Non-ELS version which was OUTSTANDING. Although one of the cars has a wierd lightbar which is bugged, this pack is perfect.
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