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  1. FrenZie v2

    Gump's WIP thread lmao

    Awsome as always For that first charger, maybe passenger side visor bar maybe
  2. tahoe rear has something weird going on. the tail lights looke doubled up and the black trim sits off of the bumper
  3. FrenZie v2

    [ELS] LSPD Pack (Nashville Metro based)

    tahoe take downs are blue for some reason
  4. FrenZie v2

    Code 3 18 Charger & 13 Tahoe

    could you add tint to the charger?
    love the pack. id like to seee some more rear lights on the f150, and more models passenger side visor lights since no one seams to do that
  5. Could you do a Va Beach pd based lspd and york county va blaine/ Ls county
  6. FrenZie v2

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack [ELS]

    some radar, alprs would really set these models off. especially the slick tops
  7. FrenZie v2

    [ELS] San Andreas State Police Pack

    models look great. my only gripe is the light patterns for the valor are disappointing. if more extra slots were utilized , itd look better
  8. FrenZie v2

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) [ELS]

    it was just openiv being weird
  9. FrenZie v2

    Blaine County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) [ELS]

    15 tahoe license plates are solid white
  10. FrenZie v2

    Small LSPD Pack [All Blue]

    what texture can i edit for a clear lightbar
  11. FrenZie v2

    Georgia State Patrol Pack [ELS]

    love this pack! perfect lighting! my only complaints 1. no amber in the rear like GSP 2. no window texture for tint. (trainer darkens lightbar)
  12. FrenZie v2

    ISP - 2014 Dodge Charger

    Id love to see a isp 15+ slicktop charger
  13. FrenZie v2

    LSPD ELS Hybrid Pack