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  1. I already have Modding DLC pack V. And I'm thinking you're right about a rogue vehicles.meta because if i put the files in any other slot there isn't a problem.
  2. So this has been a problem for a while, and I know about the vehicles.meta "diffusetint" line, it is currently set at 0x00FFFFFF. No matter what vehicle I put in the sheriff2 slot, it always spawns with black tint. In the picture below, I literally copied the exact same vehicle from the sheriff slot, and only changed the modelname lines in the vehicles.meta and carvariations.meta. sheriff is on the left, sheriff2 is on the right. Anyone know what causes this? I'm starting to think it's a deeper problem because it's been a problem on my desktop, and now it's appearing on the fivem server that I'm running from my laptop (desktop is out of the picture here)
  3. This is actually for a FiveM server, but if you've experienced and fixed the problem here, you may be able to help me fix it on FiveM. I made a new server, installed a non-ELS and an ELS vehicle, and a visual mod. (I noticed the problem before installing the visual mod, but thought the visual mod would fix it). If I park my car with the lights on and flashing, after walking about 10m away from the car, you can still see environmental lighting, but you can't tell that the lights are even on just by looking at the car. I've played with some settings in the following files: visualsettings.dat carcols.ymt vehicles.meta Changing some of the parameters made the non-ELS vehicle a LITTLE better, but was still hard to see. Any ideas on how to solve this? I can upload screenshots or videos or link everything I downloaded if necessary.
  4. Hi all, I have a couple questions: So my key for increasing the light stage is the default J, but CTRL+Q works too. I don't want CTRL+Q to work, because I have that set to do something else. Why does it do this? Also I think hitting X does something with ELS that it shouldn't. Is there a way to increase the intensity of environmental lighting? Either in each VCF or in the INI itself. There's a bunch of settings in the [LIGHTING] section of the INI, but not sure what does what. Anyone know what my options are for "lightingformat" in the VCF and exactly what is different about them?
  5. Thanks for pointing it out Also, One of those three is EXIT cover... kinda the opposite of what I wanted. The other two didn't work for me, so I'm trying this as an alternative.
  6. I know ya'll don't like snippets of code, but here is the code that I have: Game.LogTrivial("Trying to get cop to do something"); NativeFunction.Natives.TASK_SEEK_COVR_FROM_POS<bool>(Officer1, -111f, 6462f, 32f, -1, false); Game.LogTrivial("It worked.. for now"); And here is the log file where it crashes. (Player has just arrived is printed by me earlier) BTW, callout manager keeps showing up, but I deleted it. I put something in callout manager's thing but they haven't responded
  7. I'll add in a fiber, see if it helps anything. Sidenote, I'm not PLANNING to release these callouts to people, as I use addon vehicles, but good coding practice is a good idea anyways.
  8. 3: I have not found a function for following with vehicle. I searched the forums and most of them recommended using a while loop and use GoToOffsetFromEntity. 4: What if there are two hashes behind it? example: TASK_SEEK_COVER_FROM_POS. the following is what is after it: 0x75AC2B60386D89F2 0x83F18EE9
  9. Thanks for the replies, The behavior I've noticed when doing wait for completion without a game fiber is that the rest of the game runs, but my code waits until the person finishes the task. I like this because then I can give 2 tasks at the same time (like the above) and not worry about the first one not getting done.
  10. I've found a list of functions to use, but can find very little documentation on them. The functions I found are on http://www.dev-c.com/nativedb. I've seen one function call in someone's github code: // Make the peds attack the player NativeFunction.CallByName<uint>("TASK_COMBAT_PED", Aggressor3, Game.LocalPlayer.Character, 0, 1); When I do a similar function call, I either crash the game or it just doesn't work. //This crashes the game NativeFunction.CallByName<uint>("_TASK_VEHICLE_FOLLOW", Backupdriver, BackupSwat, Game.LocalPlayer.Character, 20, (int)VehicleDrivingFlags.Emergency, 10); //This doesn't do anything NativeFunction.CallByName<uint>("TASK_SEEK_COVER_FROM_PED", Officer1, Hostile1, 100000, false); I don't know what <uint> is. Typecasting the return? The return of both functions is void but it throws an error when I put void there. Any pointing to documentation on how to use Rage Native functions or just telling me how to do them here would be much appreciated.
  11. I'm making a bank robbery callout where the player is SWAT and has to go in and rescue the hostage, and obviously, in a situation like this, the first police officers there aren't SWAT, but would still be aiming at the bank door in case the robbers come out guns blazing. I've tried a couple functions and haven't found one that gets them to aim at the door properly. I've used TakeCoverFrom() for sure, to no avail. Maybe my timeout duration is too short(set at 100 seconds. I think it's pointless to have a duration anyways) but by the time I get there, they aren't aiming at anything, they're just standing there. I'm tempted to try AimWeaponAt() but I still don't like the duration thing, and the duration might not even be my problem. Second question, related enough to be covered under this topic, I also try to make the officers open their driver door first, and only 2/3 of them do it. Here's the code for both these tasks:
  12. I installed this, and it didn't work so I deleted it. Now when I try to load a callout that I'm writing, CalloutManager seems to be causing a crash. Log File: I don't even have an E: drive, so not sure what's happening.
  13. Can I have a template for the Explorer and Charger please?
  14. Can you post a link to the vehicles these skins are for please?
  15. So a month or so ago I bought GTA IV on steam and played it, it worked, I installed LCPDFR, the installation worked, but the game didn't launch. I did some research, found out that it was the whole deal with patch 8, but I couldn't figure out how to downgrade, so I got a refund and said screw it. Well, this week I did more research and figured out how to downgrade, so I bought GTA IV again, downgraded to patch 7, played, it worked. Then I tried to Install LCPDFR, but on the last step, where there's a check box that says "Launch LCPDFR configurator", the box was checked, and I hit finish and nothing happened. I didn't think anything of it, and started the game. I went outside, hit alt-P (I believe that's the default control to launch LCPDFR) and nothing happened other than the resolution changed, which is because rockstar set the P key to do that. So I went back into my GTA IV folder and found a "LCPDFR Diagnostics Tool." When I click "Configure LCPDFR", it does the same thing as when I finished the installation, it thinks it opened the configurator but nothing happened. I then went back into the diagnostic tool and clicked the verify installation, and 2 windows open. One is an empty window that looks like the diagnostic tool is supposed to but there are no words, and the other window is from windows saying that the diagnostic tool has stopped working. Any ideas why or what to do? I've tried installing with the "no ads automatic installer" and also with the manual installation. If any log files or screenshots of folders are necessary I can provide them
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