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  1. O0hmeng69

    Gaming computer specs

    ok once I get home I will get on and do it ok, once I get home, thank you
  2. O0hmeng69

    Gaming computer specs

    I actually have played gtav with lspdfr on my gateway. a nice dude from discord actually helped me by connecting via online. I lost contact with him and now my lspdfr isn't running well.
  3. O0hmeng69

    Gaming computer specs

    dude now I change my mind. I have a desktop but I got it in 2014, gateway. so you think I should upgrade it?
  4. O0hmeng69

    Gaming computer specs

    i will be going for an affordable gaming laptop, and I want it just so that I can play gtav with these mods. can you tell me which specs?
  5. O0hmeng69

    Newark Police (NJ) Final pack FULL

    nice....I cant wait to try it
  6. O0hmeng69

    LSPDFR 0.4 - Ambience

    will all the features work well on a gaming laptop?