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  1. @MaloneRPD can you do game warden green vest with yellow lettering
  2. Version 1.15


    a texture pack for blaine county sheriffs office thanks to @CHR1570PH3R for creating the base for this pack for me as i edit them for more vehicles i will upload Vehicles supported: cj24 cvpi templated vehicles bxbugs123 cvpi cobra tahoe by gump
  3. yeah lol i know i gotta fix lol
  4. when is this car coming to els with the k9 and extras? come on @Bxbugs123 you have gone dormant on us hope you been working on something great you are the best creator i know of!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A LOS SANTOS POLICE STEALTH TRAFFIC TEXTURE this pack only contains texture files for these vehicles you will have to download and install the textures manually for help look to youtube VEHICLES INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO!! PLEASE GIVE THANKS TO THE ONES WHO MADE THE VEHICLE FILES - CHECK OUT MY VIDEO SHOWCASE -
  6. im in same boat to i tried to edit bxbugs rx charger to make spawn in fbi5 but a no go the weird thing is that captain14s vehicles you can change names in metas to make as a add on not sure what the difference between the two are @Bxbugs123 @Captain14
  7. can u upload the file for others to use i tried to make mine under fbi5 and got sounds but horn no siren any ideas
  8. can u do this with out replacing? said vehicle?
  9. @Bxbugs123 i have renamed all vehicle files to fbi5 and i have everything spawning except for the charger has a horn and not a siren! help please im so close
  10. @Bxbugs123 how do i install this as a add on?
  11. how do we make thia as a add on with custom carvariations i have tried everything putting handling line in christmas2 dlc common trainer says it spawned but nothing appears i did use installer and changed name in all files to buggs but cant get it to spawn as i already have other slots taken, also tried to mimic captain14 els custom update pack by trying to add a vehicles.meta to dash folder and adding this to bxbugsconfig.xml, <Item> <filename>dlc_bxrxchgr:/dash/vehicles.meta</filename> <fileType>VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE</fileType> <overlay value="false" /> <disabled value="true" /> <persistent value="false" /> </Item> but still a nogo on spawning just says invalid model am i missing something another file maybe
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