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  1. I've never installed a texture before... how do I install these textures when they're in one PNG file? Sorry if I'm making things more complicated for myself. Thanks.
  2. I'm not trying to use the jacket that's the problem. It's putting the jacket on certain preset outfits. Not just the jackets. Some of the outfits are wearing a random vest that they aren't supposed to wear, parachutes, helmets, etc.
  3. Yes, I have both installed and it's so weird since your belt works perfectly. It's not just one outfit. This is happening on most of them.
  4. Sorry the picture quality isn't the greatest for some reason. But this is what happens when I install the radio for some reason. I uninstalled the radio and it works fine, then I re-install it and the issue comes back. This is one example. It's affecting multiple other outfits as well.
  5. I'm having an issue where this is causing my outfits to get screwed up.. Is this a known bug? and if so, how can I fix this?
  6. I am now able to into the game but on "ForceDuty" it crashes and says "Unhandled exception error".
  7. Hi, I have recently been having issues with my game on start-up. It starts up and about halfway through the loading screen it crashes. I have used the Albo troubleshooter and done everything it said to do, I installed the Microsoft C++ requirements, and I've tried to verify the integrity of game cache. Nothing seems to be working but here is my crash report: https://pastebin.com/gRPA1SNx Any help is much appreciated.
  8. I installed everything correctly and technically it works but the textures are not working. I can see the belt but there's not color it's just blue with white lines as the texture. I don't think I've done anything wrong with the installation.
  9. LSPDFR is such an incredible mod and can be seen by some people as a police simulator. It would be incredible if our great plugin developers could create some plugins that add in more police work past the usual stolen vehicle, hit and run, or shooting. I have some suggestions for plugins below: Welfare Checks - while I've seen some callout plugins include this, I would like to see more in depth or detailed calls. The one's I've responded to have been someone just standing there or a ped laying on the ground dead. Would be awesome to have some real interaction during this call. maybe some events where they're just drunk, or maybe someone is suicidal, possibly someone is just crazy! it would be great to see some diversity, and not always have to pull my gun. Domestic Disturbance - Yes, this already exists but there could be so much more done with it! Domestic disturbances go much further than always having a suspect pull his/her gun on the officer or victim. It would be great to have to investigate something that happened prior to the police getting there, or even just the officers showing up and 2 peds are arguing. So much can be done with this call and it doesn't always have to be violent. CPR - CPR is something that we have yet to see in LSPDFR. A police officer's job goes much further than arresting people or settling disputes. I have a few callouts where I might show up on scene and find someone laying on the ground. It would be so cool if I could perform CPR while I wait for the ambulances to arrive on scene rather than standing there awkwardly waiting. Disturbances - This is anther one that already exists but is leaving out so many features! I have a couple of plugins installed with disturbances such as motel and public disturbances or noise complaints. It would be great to see more locations around the map. Most plugins only offer 2-3 locations and with 2 of them in the city. Would be great to see callouts include Paleto Bay and Sandy Shores a bit more. Most of the disturbances are people threatening to shoot, or when you start to handle the situation they swing at you. Could be really interesting if the callouts ranged from a simple noise complaint of someone yelling to shutting down a huge party where multiple units would need to respond, and officers could search peds, cite them, or even arrest them if they were doing something illegal. I will add more to this list, but for now these are features that should be added or improved, and would make the LSPDFR experience so much more exciting and real.
  10. Hi, I searched the forums and web for a while and can't seem to find a solution to my problem. I have never installed a vehicle pack until now and when I followed the path: Mods - Update - x64 -DlcPacks once I got to DlcPacks there was nothing inside. Not a single folder. How do I fix this issue as it is preventing me from installing the vehicles.
  11. The traffic stop menu isn't working. Whenever I go to do a traffic stop, I get to the drivers window and hit "E" but it opens the default LSPDFR menu not the traffic policer one.
  12. Any idea how I could fix this issue?
  13. Hi, I've been using traffic policer for some time now and just recently I noticed that the traffic stop menu hasn't shown up when I approach a vehicle. It just brings up the default menu. Does anyone know about this or how to fix this?
  14. I have never seen this before. Does ragehook say it crashed or anything? or does it just stop and show you this?
  15. I have found that LSPDFR isn't that heavy on my computer (Could be different for others). So I would just look at the GTA System Requirements and see if you can match them.
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