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  1. Officer Boyd

    Texas based San Andreas DPS

    Skins too plain
  2. Officer Boyd

    Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support

    yeah i have that problem too
  3. Officer Boyd

    Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support

    https://github.com/alexguirre/RAGENativeUI/releases/download/1.4.1/RAGENativeUI.zip Download this and drop it into your root GTA folder.
  4. Officer Boyd

    LSPDFR Troubleshooter by Albo1125

    This troubleshooter is blessed. You do not understand how much time i've spent pulling my hair out over a game crash that i had no idea what was being caused by. I load up the troubleshooter and it finds the problem instantly. Thank you Albo, what would we do without you? Update: Used the troubleshooter after the major update and it found 7 errors!! 5 were fixed automatically. the other two were just that some plugins were out of date. Excellent work Albo! you never cease to amaze this community.
  5. Officer Boyd

    Emergency Uniforms Pack - Support

    Hi there! Emergency Uniforms pack isnt compatible with the new update. The specific EUP plugin crashes everytime i go to force duty. Any ETA on a compatible version?
  6. Officer Boyd

    Gta 5 Crash

    Update I fixed my issue. Apparently I must of had some corrupted files in the update.rpf in my mods folder. because I replaced the mods folders contents with the update folders contents
  7. Officer Boyd

    Gta 5 Crash

    Hi there. After the new GtaV update (and after updating rage plugin hook and scripthookv) my game cant seem to get past the final loading screen before getting into game. Its the loading where it says "Populating game world" " "Loaded Plugin LSPFR" "Loaded Plugin Auto blinkers" Etc.
    I remember back when i first got LSPDFR last year i thought the vanilla version was cool. Ive always wanted to be a police officer since i was a kid. After downloading this mod LSPDFR becomes a whole new experience and its just awesome. Great work Albo!