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  1. excuse me, i would like to know how to spawn the k9
  2. I am frustrated as hell right now. what is the future for people like me who cannot revert it back? I guess no future
  3. QUICK POSSIBLE FIX FOR THOSE WHO HAVE THE PROBLEM OF THIS PLUGIN CRASHING LSPDFR Use the RAGENativeUI included in the plugin's file instead of newer version of RageNativeUI it will load like a fine babe
  4. After the latest update, my fps dropped significantly to 19 , it never happened before. Any help?
  5. Sorry for being a realism nazi, but these pictures might help :)
  6. Hi, ummm I was wondering if there's any way to change the color of the interior light . I prefer yellow interior lights rather than the red one Maybe add an option to change interior light color in next update?
  7. Great work The watch commander is very pleased at the moment
  8. What should I do if I have modified carvar file? Thx
  9. for some reason I cant use weapons such as pistol and taser on the bike, any solution?
  10. no luck, do u have this pack installed also? If yes , can u please upload yours ? If it works on yours , it should be no prob on mine Regards, Wilson
  11. tried , not working as well, what setting of the file u provided should i use btw, that could be an issue
  12. attempted all options, game still crash. Can anyone that get it working send the gameconfig and vehicle meta up here?
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