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    definitly going to lose some sleep waiting for this. Thanks for the hard work devs!
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to Sam in Three mass shootings in America in one day   
    Not going to debate the gun issue, been over that countless times before, especially as it relates to the UK: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/topic/83855-texas-school-shooting/?do=findComment&comment=547070
    It's totally incorrect to suggest that our police fear for their lives and are begging for guns, though.  The Police Federation often surveys the police on this and there's little appetite for all police officers to be issued with guns with the most recent survey suggesting two thirds remain opposed to it.  It's an idea similarly opposed by the vast majority of senior police officers (if not all of them) and I think that just about everyone here embraces the unique model of policing that we have - I think you have to understand that it's very different to what you have in the US, especially as it relates to using force.  Indeed, it is frequently reported that police forces throughout England & Wales are actually struggling to recruit enough firearms officers - the vast majority just don't want to carry guns.  Even drawing the gun would be considered a reportable use of force here where paperwork must be filed after...  You simply couldn't do that in the US - you'd probably run out of paper.
    On the contrary, you are entirely correct when you say that the Conservative government has cut police funding, and these cuts do appear to be having a worrying impact - especially as it relates to the numbers of officers.  I think that there's much greater public awareness of this now (it is frequently reported throughout the media, and it's not a left wing or right wing issue) and I'd be surprised if the government doesn't allocate extra funding in the next budget as they are starting to see the blowback from it.
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to Antair in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    If anyone's interested
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from MarginalButter in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    holy shit, this is amazing. Thanks for keeping us updated!
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from MarginalButter in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    holy shit, this is amazing. Thanks for keeping us updated!
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to Sam in LSPDFR 0.4 - Pursuits & Intervention   
    This is the fourth part of our LSPDFR 0.4 Preview Series.  Not caught up yet?  Check out the rest of this series here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/forums/forum/880-news-updates/
    It's probably the most critical component of the mod, so it follows that with any new version of LSPDFR, you can be pretty confident that the underlying systems which enable police pursuit gameplay will be updated.  LSPDFR 0.4 is, of course, no different in this regard, and following on with the general theme of 0.4's development (which is more less pulling everything out and ripping it to pieces), we've taken the opportunity to revamp much of the pursuit gameplay in the mod.
    As an aside, we had hoped to publish this preview at an earlier date but unfortunately due to both @LMS and myself being away from home, on various different continents in the past month or so this was a little difficult.  Nonetheless, we hope that you enjoy this preview and that it nicely illustrates just a couple of the changes that we've made to pursuits, as alluded to in our last post about AI improvements.
    Pursuit Interaction Menu
    Since LSPDFR 0.3, we've had an Interaction Menu, à la GTA Online, which has, as you would expect, facilitated interaction between you as a player and your character and their job as a cop.  While this is cool and all, there's definitely a number of areas where the interaction in LSPDFR falls a little short, with pursuits being perhaps the most obvious.
    In LCPDFR for GTA IV, there were a couple of toggles available during pursuits - notably the option to force or disable the usage of lethal force.  With 0.4, however, we think we've far surpassed that by introducing a handful of new options which definitely provide more control than ever.  

    The Pursuit Interaction Menu in LSPDFR 0.4 offers advanced controls for the current pursuit, as well as the ability to disengage.
    The cool thing about the new Interaction options for Pursuits is that it ties in nicely with the new customization options introduced in 0.4, and covered earlier in our previews.  So, not only can you define and configure law enforcement agencies to your liking, but you can also carry this through to pursuits too by designating a specific agency to handle the chase.  If, for example, a pursuit that starts in Los Santos crosses multiple jurisdictions then it's entirely probable that you'll end up with a number of agencies joining, which depending on the circumstances and/or your own preferences, might not be so desirable.  With the new Interaction options, you could simply specify that the initiating agency (i.e. the LSPD in this case) handles the pursuit, leaving the other agencies to mind their own business.
    Similarly, there's a lot of other practical usefulness be found in these options: we've brought back the ability to force on/off the usage of lethal force against pursuit suspects, and there's also the ability to enable or disable pursuit intervention tactics (more on these below).
    And of course, for those in search of the ultimate exercise in boredom (I mean, err, realism), then you might find that setting a pursuit into Tracking Mode - where ground units will hang back and follow from a distance, leaving your small air force of helicopters following above to do all the work in true Angeleno fashion - makes you feel so much more at home.
    Pursuit Intervention Techniques
    As alluded to above, LSPDFR 0.4 also introduces a number of changes to the artificial intelligence in pursuits.  Currently, the main tactic employed by NPCs in GTA V during pursuits is to rather aimlessly ram into the back of the suspect vehicle in the unrealistic belief that this is actually going to help end the pursuit.  Of course, this usually just results in the cop crashing into oblivion, and it looks really, really dumb too. 
    So, naturally, one of the coolest new additions to LSPDFR 0.4 is the implementation of a working PIT maneuver:
    Demonstration of NPC officers bringing a pursuit to a safe conclusion through successful usage of the new PIT maneuver in LSPDFR 0.4
    YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TiFFFho3hd0
    As cool as this is, we know that NPCs performing PITs may not be to everyone's taste, and that it may not be suitable in every circumstance, so these can easily be enabled or disabled on-the-fly, during a pursuit, through the Interaction menu by changing the Tactics option.  If pursuit Tactics are disabled, pursuing NPCs will not attempt PIT maneuvers, and they will also shy away from most other advanced tactics, like blocking.

    A closer look at the termination of the pursuit, with the suspects surrendering, after a successful usage of the PIT maneuver.
    Air Support
    Throughout the history of our two mods, air support has always been a touchy subject.  For those of you who played LCPDFR, you will likely still carry with you many terrifying memories of those white and blue flying death machines.  In previous versions of LSPDFR, things generally weren't that much better either - especially when your pilot decides, in a moment of wisdom, that flying through the bridge, rather than over it, is the best course of action.
    With 0.4, we've taken the time to address some of the most frustrating issues with air support, with a particular focus on dramatically increasing both the usefulness, and lifespan, of our helicopters.  Specifically, you'll notice that helicopters in LSPDFR now fly at a much more realistic height and will properly increase or decrease their altitude as the situation requires, such as when a pursuit is passing through a heavily built up area.  They're also far more competent at actually keeping up with the suspects they are pursuing and will do so with a degree of intelligence, rather than just trying to fly directly above them.

    A watchful LSPD air support unit circles overhead, tracking as a suspect attempts to flee on foot.
    Furthermore, we've built in special modes for our air units, giving them the ability not only to follow suspects, but also to conduct searches over wide areas - something which is especially useful when ground units have lost visual, or are attempting to locate a target.
    In addition, our helicopters are also responsive to changes in the conditions of pursuits they follow - such as if a suspect is in a vehicle or not - and will adapt accordingly.  When tracking a suspect on foot, air units won't simply hover above them but will engage in a more realistic flying pattern where the aircraft seeks to maintain continuous movement, while operating varying angles to compensate for possible obstructions like buildings.

    Not a helicopter, but just in case you were wondering what happened to the guy pictured above...

    This, though, definitely is a helicopter.  It's also not flying at street level!
    As always, stay tuned for more news about LSPDFR 0.4 as we progress towards its completion.
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from OblongGaming in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    Holy shit, this caught me off guard. That looks amazing. 
    I'm happy you decided to release this Moose
    Much love
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from OblongGaming in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    Holy shit, this caught me off guard. That looks amazing. 
    I'm happy you decided to release this Moose
    Much love
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to Jack Borne in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    I know in the case of the cars with the Aussie Flash Patterns it stops non lights from being enabled. Idk about you but its hella triggering for me watching my antennas appear and disappear every 0.25 seconds when responding to something.
    Also patrolling tonight when...
    Responding to an ATM robbery.. arrive on scene just in time to see the suspect attempting to make a get away in a.... um what....

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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from OblongGaming in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    Here is a nice mod you can use on Non-ELS models. It makes it so they function as an ELS model. Although there is not different light stages. It's a nice temporary fix to use
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from OblongGaming in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    Yeah, I've been having the same problem, I thought it was just me.
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to SergeantDounuts12 in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    Hi all, does anyone know any decent K9 scripts out there which would work with Moose's Ford Falcon FGX Dog Squad ute? I have tried @Darkmyre's PolicePartner script however the dog just stands there and doesn't get in the vehicle?
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to toddm6 in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    Legend!! Thanks mate, I’ll try this tonight, much appreciate the help 👍🏼
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from OblongGaming in LSPDFR Australia Discussion Thread 2.0   
    You need to put police2.ytd in NVR_emmissions. The problem is NVR, not the model itself.
    I believe this problem also occurs in Pranger,Riot and Sheriff1 vehicles
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from Giordano in police cars problems   
    You are amazing man, thanks!
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from VRMegumin in Suspects leave car after "G"   
    having the same problem
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to officerlajoice in Drivers falling out of car HELP   
    **SOLVED**  I finally figured out what the problem was. If you go to GTA V>PLUGINS>LSPDFR you should see the file "ClearTheWayPOLV.dll" I deleted that and it seemed to have fixed the drivers falling out of vehicles when you blipped a car! I also had an XML file in the same location called "LPCModelDef" I removed that the same time as ClearTheWaPOLV.dll and it didn't seem to effect the game in any way negatively. I hope this solves someone else's problem! 
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    AussieGrillGamR reacted to officerlajoice in Drivers falling out of car HELP   
    We still haven't figured out the problem yet :/. We ruled out some possibilities. We know it's not Traffic Policer, LSPDFR+, Assorted Callouts, Code Red Callouts, Code 3 Callouts, Law Callouts, Toasty Callouts and Wilderness Callouts. 
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    AussieGrillGamR got a reaction from officerlajoice in Drivers falling out of car HELP   
    I am having a similar problem, every time I try to do a traffic stop and blip the ai. Everyone nearby gets out of their vehicle and re-enters, then everyone freaks out