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    Same problem as the previous version, LSPDFR crash when I load it and when the icon "StatusMenu is loaded successfully" appears. Without your files that are in the "plugins folder> LSPDFR" LSPDFR works ! I think I need help, I try to be as understanding as possible, I'm french ;) !
  1. EvanGamingFR

    LSPD F.R doesn't load with the RPH 0.39...

    Hey everybody, Good news ! For the " infinite loading when the GTAVLauncher.exe ended unexpectedly" the 0.40 is came out ! But my Game have the same problem, it start super quick and nothing !
  2. EvanGamingFR

    LSPD F.R doesn't load with the RPH 0.39...

    Thank you deman232 ! I'm not lonely for this problem ! I was going to "Settings" of RAGE, and I was trying to do "Min. Settings" ... but nothing ever happens (And I wonder ... I wonder how ! ...)
  3. Hello everybody : When I start RAGEPluginHook Files, The logo appears "Loading Game", This start my game and 1 second after, GTA5 disappears ... and under the Logo RAGE : there is "Waiting for the game window..." and nothing ... It was easier before xD ! So ... someone can help me ;) !
  4. EvanGamingFR

    Realistic American Sirens

    I ask a a question, why it's a .oac file and not .awc file, can you explain me more about the installtion, I understand nothing (Sorry, but it's a big and good mod !!)
  5. EvanGamingFR

    RagePluginHook Problem

    I need help about the start of RagePluginHook.exe file : My problem is: -I changed some things in the RagePluginHook settings, I changed the plugin timeout threshold, suite has it, I start RagePluginHook.exe file, the time of starting up is infinite ! It has been for 25 minutes since "Rage " remain blocked(surrounded) in the middle of my screen, standing out " loading " ! PS: I'm french, so i'm sorry for the errors which I was able to commit ! Thanks ;)