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  1. sonic17790

    SRT PotatoCat - Cat Skin

    when ever your are out in this this bad cat, you are sure that u are gunna get some pussay!!
  2. sonic17790

    GTA V C++

    when i install scripthookrage and sort everything out then come to the check list, the c++ is crossed out in red and i tried installing c++ and still comes up red. any help welcome PLEASE DELETE AS FOUND THE ISSUE!
  3. sonic17790

    gta iv not working!

    i have found the issue.
  4. sonic17790

    gta iv not working!

    the title says it all tbh, but as the update came out not to long ago i thought that other people might have encounted the same problem that im having. i have tried deleting my game and reinstalling it but it still wont load up. any suggestions thanks :)
  5. sonic17790

    Austin Police Department Pack Public Release

    i can't figure out what is the key to enable the lights, any help would do.
  6. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    yes please, that would be nice :D
  7. sonic17790

    gta iv with lcpdfr

    u can delete it as it is sorted out
  8. sonic17790

    gta iv with lcpdfr

    i dont know why its giving me this i deleted gta iv eflc as not liking packs so changed to iv itself and giving me this. help would be appreciated
  9. sonic17790

    ULTIMATE Met Police Car Pack - Battenburg Edition

    does this work on eflc?
  10. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    my teamviewer has ran out so it be inpossible but not long i get my own gaming pc and gtav on it so i can live till then lol
  11. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    id really get it
  12. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    so for fbi what would i do like this
  13. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    i was double checking and everything is fine. now what
  14. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    i have
  15. sonic17790

    Chicago police pack

    one pack is polpatriot.wtd and wtf and another car is polpatriot.wtd and wtf dm now found the missing car so the tut on the install skins