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  1. Blue Lives Matter

    Can I use Social Club W/Steam?

    Long story short, got a new PC and the Social Club downloader for GTA won't work. If I buy the Steam version, can I access my Online progress or will it start me over again? (I already transferred from PS3 to PC a few years ago when I first bought the PC copy and used the Social Club downloader).
  2. Blue Lives Matter


    Would download except it isn't ELS-compatible
  3. Blue Lives Matter

    Notification Sound Going Off, No Notifications

    This was the first topic I opened in over a month. I checked my last topic to make sure this wasn't the case, and it isn't.
  4. Blue Lives Matter

    Already downloaded a file but can't review

    It's happening sporadically. It'll occur on a few files, then on none, then on all of them, etc.
  5. I went to review a file and it keeps saying that I need to download it first before reviewing, except I've already downloaded it. What's up with that?
  6. Blue Lives Matter

    Pierce Arrow Engine

    This is actually an Arrow XT; the last Arrow model was made in 2002 and looks nothing like this. Great model, though!
  7. The notification sound keeps going off whenever I visit the site but when I check, all the notifications are ones I've already checked.
  8. Blue Lives Matter

    PC Recommendations?

    I can install things in the case but once it comes to connecting the different parts together I'm hopeless
  9. Blue Lives Matter

    PC Recommendations?

    The $700 was really more of a baseline than an absolute maximum. I have no zero idea how to connect the internals of a PC to each other, so I'd optimally like something prebuilt. Thanks for your inputs!
  10. Blue Lives Matter

    PC Recommendations?

    My PC decided to be a dick and randomly stop running GTA V (yet runs almost every other game I own with the exception of CoD: WW2). Anyway, I want to buy a new PC so I can run GTA V and CoD. I don't really want to spend more than $700, but everything I've found so far is $2,000+. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  11. For the last week or so, every time I try to go on the site, there's a white page with a little message in the top left stating that validation is in progress. It takes 5+ minutes no matter how many times I reload, try a new tab, or try a different browser. It's never had to 'validate' before so I really don't understand what's happening.
  12. Blue Lives Matter

    Game Freezes If I Try To Move

    I also used the Verify command in CMD. That didn't change anything either.
  13. Blue Lives Matter


  14. Blue Lives Matter

    Game Freezes If I Try To Move

    I have a controller and I have reinstalled the game twice. No effect.
  15. Blue Lives Matter

    Game Freezes If I Try To Move

    Jesus f*cking Christ, is anyone alive in this place? Can't get any help