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  1. I've been having this issue since the launch of LSPDFR 0.4 where my game keeps stuttering for 3-5 seconds in every 2 minutes. Having installed a patch of LSPDFR 0.4.1 and the problem is still there. I don't think it is the game itself because when I start the game and do not "go on duty" or "force duty", it seems to run normally. But once the command is executed the stutter comes.
  2. Try VisualV then set PostFX to high maybe?
  3. Close this as I've already fixed and able to play the game.
  4. That would launches 2 GTA V and the game will still crash. I've tried it already. You start the game yourself and when you start RPH, RPH doesnt seem to recognize that you have already launch the game, so it just start another GTA V. If you run GTA V first then run RPH as admin, it goes on for a short moment then the game crashes before getting into the R* logo.
  5. It's a fresh install, nothing in the directory beside LSPDFR itself.
  6. Installed LSPDFR 0.4 on a freshly installed GTA V. Start RPH > Game Launches > Crash before siren & Rockstars logo pop up. The game runs fine on story mode and online mode. RagePluginHook_07032019_183902.log
  7. So this is something odd for me because whenever there is a callout it crashes. The thing is it does not crash immediately when the callout starts, but after a few minutes. This problem goes the same for normal routine check/pullover. I'm not sure if it involves with the plugins, mods or RPH itself. By the way, I'm running on a Windows 8.1 and have installed NVR, WoV and VisualV. Below is the log of RPH:
  8. Are you sure you get the permission to upload this intro for everyone to download?
  9. Please tell me this is not a joke or I haven't woken up yet?!!
    Just stop and look for tutorial, then come back for proper textures with cool designs. P.S. On top of the critics from those people, I would like to remind u that the texture files should be '.DDS' with the right 'MIPMAP'.
  10. Nice one bro! I also did that Washington Metropolitan, but there was bug and overlapping texture, so I dropped it off. Great to see someone make this.
  11. Isnt it supposed to be Ferris Wheel instead of Ferris Whale? Check your first screenshot. Correct if im wrong. :)
  12. Because this is just a beginning for me and I have to learn more. As of now, I just want one to be consistent and acceptable. Then I will move on to other departments. Maybe there aren't any LAPD vehicles (with ELS) at the moment and that's why I try to pick the ones that are somewhat close to it. Thanks for ur comments.
  13. Version 1.0.0


    This is another LAPD skins, but for Miami Pack (ELS) instead. After received the reviews/feedback from my first skin texture, I try to make these skins as accurate as possible. Although the vehicles themselves were not meant for LAPD, personally, I think they don't need to be 100% realistic since one is a game and one is reality. //FOR INSTALLATION, READ "README" //BY DOWNLOADING THIS, YOU AGREED TO NOT REUPLOAD/REDRISTRIBUTE WITHOUT AUTHOR'S PERMISSION //THANKS FOR DOWNLOADING!!
  14. Version


    This is a LAPD texture for Bxbugs123's CVPI 1.9L ELS // // **DO NOT REUPLOAD WITHOUT PERMISSION**
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