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  1. Is it on purpose that the Hunter/Apache featured in RDE is conflicting with the Hunter that R* recently added? At least for me the handling and weapons from the Hunter are messed up.
  2. PJR4015

    Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    That's a shame. Good quality civilian cars seem to be somewhat sparse for GTA V, so any addition is welcome. Even a simple setup like this without whitewall tires and a 2-tone paintjob is fine. And what about the Monaco and the Fury? Are you planning to only release police versions of them too?
  3. PJR4015

    Lundy's sick ass gta v mods

    Do you also have a civilian version planned?
  4. PJR4015

    [ELS] [UNLOCKED] MX7000 Minipack

    @Pricefield Are you sure you included the correct livery with the Caprice? The texture dictionary only features a blank panda livery instead of the LSMPD one shown in the screenshots.
  5. GCT is working on a Sadler based towtruck for GTA IV: http://gtaforums.com/topic/831429-gcts-workshop/?p=1069732724
  6. That Buffalo S looks great for the most part, but is that obnoxious bodykit going to get removed too at some point?
  7. What about the LSPD Granger and the unmarked LSSD Granger that appeared in some screenshots a while ago?
  8. You guys are aware of SkylineGTRFreak's new improved Humvees, right? Can we expect those in 3.1 as well?
  9. I don't know if it has to do with something on my end, but cops still seem to have psychic detection abilities. They can often see me behind walls, hedges and rocks, on top of roofs, underneath bridges, and in bushes. They also instantly know where I am after I knock out a pedestrian with my fists or a weapon. I hope it's possible to fix this in the future.
  10. I noticed that the Caprice is still missing a front license plate. Any chance of it getting added?
  11. Did you guys consider adding the beta LSPD cop as s_m_y_cop_02 and adding the 'beta' sheriff as s_m_y_sheriff_02 (or 03 if you use the BSCO addon) instead of replacing the original sheriff? Maybe you can even make a BSCO version. All of this would definitely benefit the ped variation during wanted levels.
  12. I like how they use the same footage of 'violent copkilling' over and over again although there is only one instance where people actually get killed.
  13. PJR4015

    Realism Dispatch Enhanced

    So I took a good look at most of the vehicles and here is what I found so far: - the fire truck from the Emergency! addon is missing FLAG_HAS_LIVERY in it's vehicles.meta entry. This causes the truck to only spawn with an LSFD livery. - some vehicles still have flashing backlights, like the Insurgents, Riots, Grangers, Fugitives and Bisons. Unless this is on purpose of course. - some vehicles don't have flashing front lights, like the SAHP Buffalo, Gresley and Granger, the LSPD Interceptor and Gresley and the Corrections Merit. Unless, again, this is on purpose. - the BSCO addon doesn't provide a new model for the LSSD Predator, since the BSCO Predator replaces it. - the federal government plate looks different from the one you showed some time ago in the WIP topic: the characters overlap the NOOSE logo for instance. Is it supposed to be like this?
  14. PJR4015

    LAPD '03 suburban?

    Aren't those Tahoes? Atleast that's what the badge on the door says.