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  1. dbo12345

    Radiance V won't work.

    I'm really late but I just tried the exact same steps and it's still not working for me
  2. dbo12345


    Is anyone else having a problem where the mod is not working at all?
  3. dbo12345


    Great Mod but Doesn't work for me Lights stay dim
  4. dbo12345


    I have used both no luck yet :/
  5. dbo12345


    i have done this multiple times still no luck. I'm not sure why
  6. dbo12345


    Yes I have already tried these options and it still does not work. :(
  7. dbo12345


    I have just finished installing everything in my game got all my stuff back and started it up, To see that my police lights were not as bright as before so I backed out downloaded radiance V. Still did not work I'm so confused. Does the mod need an update maybe?
  8. Alright I'll keep up to date. I'll be sure to try the new update also
  9. Oh alright hopefully they spawn there for you. I'd like to see the shots
  10. Most are on Senora Freeway. I have seen some over by San Bernardino Nation Forest. Also some spawn in Paleto Bay Hope that helps if you didn't know :)
  11. dbo12345

    Trouble with siren

    Yea i hope it gets fixed cause the default siren is kind of getting annoying. But everything else works for me but the siren i`m going to take a closer look so i`ll let you know if i find anything
  12. dbo12345

    Trouble with siren

    When i load the game up its the default siren i have used this siren before and now it won`t work is the new update an issue?
  13. dbo12345


    I`m not sure if i haven`t seen them but do you think it would be cool to have further callouts not just close but like a mile or two away?
  14. dbo12345

    Game crashes when loading LSPDFR

    Have you checked to make sure all plugins are compatible? If so maybe try and contact one of the ragehook devs http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=RAGEPluginHook Have you also tried running RageHook as Administrator? Not sure if it will work but give it a go if you`d like :)
  15. dbo12345

    Trouble with siren

    I have tried installing a siren multiple times through Openiv it just keeps reseting itself i have tried the vehicle folder way and the import way and it just stays at the default siren the game doesn't update either so i`m confused anyone have some ideas? I also have the retail version if that`s whats messing it up.