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  1. OfficerAleks

    4K LSPD Alternate #2 Skin Pack

    It'd be awesome if you could add GlitchGamer's GMC Savana to this pack.
  2. OfficerAleks

    Lost my backup.xml file

    Maybe I've missed to bind the "b" key or is "b" by default the backup key?
  3. OfficerAleks

    Can't call for backup.

    Maybe I've unbinded the "b" key or something?
  4. OfficerAleks

    Can't call for backup.

    1. I cannot call for backup when I am on duty. The menu doesn't show up when I press "b". 2. The issue occured after I installed "custom backup". 3. I have tried to re-install both RPH and LSPDFR. 4. Steam 5. 6. This is all the information I have. 7. Intel core i5-4460S 2,90 gHz, 8GB RAM, Nvidia geforce gtx750 1GB. 8. Breathalyzer, calloutsV, copholster, crazyCallouts, dashcam V, EUpclothingmenu, gtacomesalive, LEJS, morecontrol iv, pedsearch, policetoolbox, vehiclesearch, rage trainer, speedradar, The menu, Agency callouts, arrest manager, assorted callouts, better ems, callouts C, callouts V, code 3 callouts, CodeRedCallouts, computerPlus, conchsCallouts, FederalCallouts, Generic Callouts, law callouts, newshelipursuit, peterUcallouts, policebackup, policepartner, police radio, realistic alpr, repeat offender, safercahses, search warrant, secondary callouts, wilderness callouts, vocal dispatch, 9. 1. http://prntscr.com/bmnxez 2. http://prntscr.com/bmnxsh 3. http://prntscr.com/bmnyce 4. http://prntscr.com/bmnytf
  5. OfficerAleks

    Can't call for backup.

    I can't call for backup when I play LSPDFR. I tried to re-install both RPH and LSPDFR but nothing changes, the backup.xml file is in the "lspdfr" folder like it's supposed to be. Does anyone know what's wrong? The game is kinda unplayable without the backup function.
  6. OfficerAleks

    Lost my backup.xml file

    Okay, I re-installed LSPDFR, RPH and then I launched the game but nothing has changed. Nothing happens when I press "b"
  7. OfficerAleks

    Lost my backup.xml file

    Thanks, I did that but it doesn't seem to work. Nothing happens when I press "b" and the backup.xml is in the lspdfr folder.
  8. OfficerAleks

    Lost my backup.xml file

    Hi, I haven't played lspdfr in a few months and when I was playing the other day I noticed that I couldn't call for backup, nothing happened when I pressed "b". Then I saw that I don't have the backup.xml file inside my gta v folder so I'm just wondering if anyone could send one to me.
  9. OfficerAleks

    Newark New Jersey Megapack [Vehicles + peds]

    Amazing pack! Would love if you could add a texture for GMC Savana.
  10. OfficerAleks

    LSPDFR crash.

    Oh ok. Thanks.
  11. OfficerAleks

    LSPDFR crash.

    Hi so basically my LSPDFR crashes everytime I go on duty and I really need help. I checked the ragepluginhook log and something is clearly wrong but I'm quite bad with logs so if someone could help me It'd be great, thanks in advance. Here's the most relevant part of the log:
  12. OfficerAleks

    Los Santos Police Texture Pack

    When will you release an update?
  13. I'm dumb, didn't realize that the cars were patrolling. It was much easier to find them when vehicle blip was enabled My bad.
  14. I read the "highway patrol tips" in the "Optional materials folder" Where he recommended to have the patrol area size=11000 How large should it be approximately? All of them.
  15. Do you know what the issue is?