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  1. Lyrad

    State Patrols : Fowler

    Well, now you know =)
  2. Lyrad

    State Patrols : Fowler

    Or just add extra_strong in flags of your vehicle.meta ...
  3. Lyrad

    State Patrols : Fowler

    The pushbar falling on the ground when you hit something ?
  4. That's what i was guessing. Well i'll give up for now. Thanks for your replies !
  5. Ahah, i know that. What i am looking for is modifier to act like : - Moussebutton4 = Siren1 -HoldingMoussebutton4 = Siren2 How can i do that ? What modifier should i write ?
  6. Yeah i know but i'm looking for a modifier key acting like a "hold" key. With vanilla settings you have to hold down the siren key to yelp or horn for exemple. I'm looking for the same pattern.
  7. Lyrad

    VocalDispatch Français

    J'ai essayé de le télécharger 2 fois et les 2 fois winrar me signale une archive corrompue : ! F:\Games\Mods GTA5\Basic 2\Vocal Dispatch\VocalDispatch Fr v1.0.0.b.rar: L'archive est endommagée ou son format est inconnu ! F:\Games\Mods GTA5\Basic 2\Vocal Dispatch\VocalDispatch Fr v1.0.0.b.rar: L'archive est endommagée ou son format est inconnu Par ailleurs plus embêtant le plugin semble ne pas fonctionner et me demande d'aller voir mon log RPH. Lorsque je tombe sur la ligne correspondante j'ai cette erreur : [06/09/2016 14:55:02.821] LSPD First Response: VocalDispatch: Encountered an exception. It was: System.InvalidOperationException: La langue de la grammaire ne correspond pas à celle du module de reconnaissance vocale. [06/09/2016 14:55:02.821] à System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.ThrowIfSapiErrorCode(SAPIErrorCodes errorCode) [06/09/2016 14:55:02.821] à System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadSapiGrammarFromCfg(SapiGrammar sapiGrammar, Grammar grammar, Uri baseUri, Boolean enabled, Single weight, Int32 priority) [06/09/2016 14:55:02.821] à System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadSapiGrammar(Grammar grammar, SapiGrammar sapiGrammar, Boolean enabled, Single weight, Int32 priority) [06/09/2016 14:55:02.821] à System.Speech.Recognition.RecognizerBase.LoadGrammar(Grammar grammar) [06/09/2016 14:55:02.821] à . . () J'ai essayé la technique du ctfmon.exe qui ne marche visiblement pas puisque le log ci-dessus est survenu après l'essai du ctfmon.exe. Une idée de quoi faire ? Edit : Dans propriétés de la synthèse vocale la langue est : Microsoft Speed Recognizer 8.0 for windows (French - France) Edit2 : Je viens de tomber sur les résolutions de ton topic et mon problème s'y trouve, je vais voir ça. Edit 3 : En remplaçant "fr" par "fr_FR" cela me demande maintenant si j'ai bien le bon pack de langues et ctfmon.exe n'y change rien. Je ne sais plus quoi faire.
  8. Ok, and what about a "hold" modifier ?
  9. Thanks but there is really too much keys in this mod. My keyboard is already flooded by every plugins and callouts i installed. When i see the ~10 keys i have to setup i get desperate of this mindfuck
  10. Thanks Alex but i'm giving up on this mod, this is actually way too complicated to use and setup. I'd just like a mod allowing to add/replace a siren tone by another with a control key allowed to it. Actually this mod is 100 times more complicated, ok it gives way more control on your sirens but i don't need it =)
  11. Hey albo, just installed your mod, tried with a custom setup and without and i can't get your mod working. At the beginning i had an error message saying i had a proble with a code line, fixed it, now the mod is showed has "loaded" trough a popup. Getting on duty, in a cop car, trying every key given in the keyboardconfig.ini and nothing seems to be working at all. Can't manage to show the UI or even turn on the lights or siren except through the standards keybinding. What am i doing wrong ? Edit : Oh and there is too many keys in that config.ini. Is there a way to had a modifierkey = holding down the key ? Couldn't find it. Actually my siren (with gta5 setting) is on XButton1 and yelp/priority randomly by holding the key, i'd like to keep something in this configuration with XButton1 toggle/hold and Xbutton2 toggle/hold
  12. Lyrad

    Amercian Sirens Pack [Siren Mastery]

    Sirenmastery is saying there is an error line 18 character 40 in the vehiclesirensetup.
  13. Keep calm is already working very well but if you manage to do something even better well... Why not ?
  14. Ok, thanks for the clear answer sir !