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  1. Prophet904

    FDNY Liveries Mega Pack

    All I Ask is why he released skins and it turned into a big ass argument with you I don't care to buy any fire trucks I get on here to play as police ther are no good call out for fire so yeah i dont care the skin are great good work
  2. Prophet904

    FDNY Liveries Mega Pack

    yeah people do it all the time in this game they take people s*** and they rip it okay who you trying to play you don't have to resell it dude if you give it for free there's no issue nobody's going to complain
  3. Prophet904

    FDNY Liveries Mega Pack

    were the link to these fire truck to buy them ? what is a license agreement when you imported it and you can just put it in your Dropbox and give it to people
  4. Prophet904

    FDNY Liveries Mega Pack

    bro all these models are from emrgency NYC I could just buy the game import myself why would I pay $30 a truck and give to the community for free lol
  5. Prophet904

    FDNY Liveries Mega Pack

    yo dude nobody's going to spend thirty bucks to buy a fire truck and honestly I don't get on lspdfr to have a debate I just come here to game bro and to be honest why would I want to buy rip models from a different game if that's the case I would just buy the game and import of myself
  6. Prophet904

    FDNY Liveries Mega Pack

    why would make skins for fire trucks that are not rel yet ?
  7. Prophet904

    Venice Police Department Inspired Pack [ELS]

    can you plz make more of these skins ?
  8. Prophet904

    Los Santos Police Department (Gardena Based) Pack

    can you make more cars for this skin?
  9. Prophet904

    [WIP] Enhanced LSPD Cop

    were do the glass and hat go ?
  10. Prophet904


    I think you did a great job but I think the patches are a little too big
  11. https://gyazo.com/d80020e5f83df6fbf1ac6e8b45791464 here's something you can fix the wheels on the back are incorrect an oversized the wheels should have space in between maybe this is why people think the vehicle is so big for some people they pay attention to detail and I'm one of those people
  12. i did the model looks extra large to me it's not a tahoe it's an explorer is all i was trying to say Everyone's entitled to their opinion
  13. nice model nice work but why release an unfinished model just to get downloads? why are you rushing to satisfy the public should release it when it's done I'll give you a 1 out of 5 due to the fact that it was Rush and the model is over large
  14. I have a question why don't you put these all in one download
  15. Prophet904

    Police Lights Don't Work on Modded Police Car

    glad you got it working buddy