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  1. Sure! I just got back into coding >:) I'll give it a looksie.
  2. Hey there, back from holidays :) When you're not in a current call and you have your sirens off press and hold (in your case) Num0. You may need to hold it longer (depending on what the custom unitJoinIntervalMs is set at, higher it is the longer you'll have to press) I'm going to put key presses in a seperate thread so that you can just tap the buttons. For the next update though :)
  3. Hey Ams, Yes, there is a manual toggle on and off for the whole mod, (default NumPad0), but you can change it to whatever you like in the .ini :) I gave a web link to a list of acceptable button inputs in the .ini too. Just make sure your sirens and lights are off so you can tell dispatch you don't want any more units any more if it's on Have a good one
  4. Yes, I've totally fixed up all of the issues Thanks heaps!
  5. Hi there, With the earlier versions of my mod, it would crash other plugins, however since I have updated it and it now runs in its own thread (which was the underlying issue). The updated version is 2.0.3. Cheers
  6. I'm sure it'll work for you this time! Sorry about the buggy stage, Albo helped me out as you said and it's pretty good now. Just take a look at the .ini and tweak it how you like.
  7. Hi guys, That was actually a brilliant idea, so I added it in to this update along with some other code optimizations. Edit the enabler key in the .ini Have a good one
  8. Version 1.0.1


    Do you have too many mods? Want to go through and edit all of the .ini files you have but don't have the time or feel lazy? This tool has it in one place; just place the standalone .exe in the root GTA V directory, run the program and it will detect all .ini files in the user's plugin folder. Don't worry, I also included all sub folders as well, so it's not just the plugins folder, but also our beloved LSPDFR folder too. I love Windows Forms. Peace and Happy New Years!!
  9. Hi LMS, Albo helped me out with this one, I had to create a new GameFiber thread. Thanks :)
  10. Hey, Open the INI and tweak around a bit, reduce the delay timer and of course make sure you have your sirens on in a pursuit! Also just check that you unblocked the .dll file in Windows too.
  11. 1. If you force duty, I have noticed that odd things may happen, however if you go on duty via a police station it should work normally. I'm working to fix the issues and some of them seem to be happening in the base mod, however I can't be too sure and need to troubleshoot extensively to get it working as a whole. 2. Yes, this is normal and sometimes backup will take longer to arrive. Sorry it's a bit buggy at the moment, finding out what's going wrong!
  12. Hi everyone, As someone who isn't new to C#, but is new to plugin dev, it seems like if I run my code loop through Main(), it will hog the whole of LSPDFR will halt, or if I have my code loop through OnOnDutyStateChanged it works, however when I force start duty (jump + F9) it seems to have really weird side effects to LSPDFR. Is there something I'm missing or perhaps I am forgetting something really simple? I can get my code to work, it's just that when accepting a callout, the flashing radius blip won't update to the 'enemy', thus kind of halting everything anyway. Thanks everyone in advance
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