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    Evilsmurf2336 got a reaction from Albo1125 in Open-Sourcing Albo1125's Mods & 'Retirement'   
    Thank you so much for so many fantastic additions / modifications to the LSPDFR experience, you truly created awesome fullness to the experience. Most of us know or learn that life moves on, nothing remains the same. I hope, and I am sure others do, that you will keep a hand in, and over time develop some updated or new modifications. The quality and the care have always been apparent, they are truly the "top shelf" mods. And thank you for calling for respect and consideration to beginning modders. Everyone starts out without many skills and usually without a great deal of "success" but they learn, and they grow, especially with encouragement and positive constructive criticism. Your call is a very appreciated and responsible one. I wish you nothing but success and happiness and look forward to seeing your mark continue, even in a much less routine way, in this community. Fair winds and following seas.
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    Evilsmurf2336 reacted to Cyan in LSPDFR Freezing Game/Blocked "SleepThread   
    It's not entirely obvious what's causing this, but I recommend you remove all LSPDFR plugins and RPH plugins (apart from LSPDFR) and see if the problem still occurs.
    If not, then add the mods back in one by one until you figure out what's causing it.
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    Evilsmurf2336 reacted to Kilyin in Hard Limit for Custom Car Models   
    I know right. To make a long story short, I had a lot of civilian replacement vehicles in addition to all the police replacements and addons, and I started getting game memory errors. So I cut it back and they stopped. 
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    Evilsmurf2336 reacted to Kilyin in Hard Limit for Custom Car Models   
    Here are the custom values I've ended up settling on for now. I got these values from looking at a variety of modified gameconfig.xml files. So far, seems to be working fine as I've used up to 30-35 addon vehicles (including police and civilian) and countless replacement vehicles without any issues... (knock on wood)
    <PoolSize value="900"/>
    <PoolSize value="300"/>
    <PoolSize value="800"/>
    <PedsForVehicles_Base value="130"/>
    <PedsForVehicles value="150"/>
    <VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier_Base value="130"/>
    <VehicleAmbientDensityMultiplier value="150"/>
    <VehicleParkedDensityMultiplier_Base value="100"/>
    <VehicleParkedDensityMultiplier value="150"/>
    <VehicleUpperLimit_Base value="100"/>
    <VehicleUpperLimit value="260"/>
    <MaxVehicleModelInfos value="900"/>
    <MaxExtraVehicleModelInfos value="300"/>

    Some other values I haven't tested yet but found others have recommended:

    <PoolSize value="145"/>
    <PoolSize value="135"/>
    <VehicleMemoryMultiplier value="600"/> <-- need to test this one, maybe related to game 'memory errors'
    <VehicleParkedUpperLimit_Base value="60"/>

    and some additional edits that aren't vehicle related:

    <MaxExtraWeaponModelInfos value="200"/>
    <ScenarioPedsMultiplier_Base value="80"/>
    <ScenarioPedsMultiplier value="150"/>
    <AmbientPedsMultiplier_Base value="90"/>
    <AmbientPedsMultiplier value="125"/>
    <MaxTotalPeds_Base value="150"/>
    <MaxTotalPeds value="250"/>
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    Evilsmurf2336 reacted to SergeantSam in LSPDFR 0.3 - November Update   
    For all people: The mod is done when it's done.
    Für alle menschen: Die Änderung ist fertig wann es fertig ist.
    pour tout le monde: la modification est prêt quand c'est prêt.
    voor iedereen: de modificatie is klaar wanneer deze klaar is.
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