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  1. Please some help¡? i have installed 2 more FPIU from different authors and its the same problem! the problem arose when I changed the name to "polpatriot" to replace the polpatriot, and the lights remain that way, but when I install it as "police2" they work !! any way to change that?
  2. Hello, I wanted to know if someone with gta iv wants to try to play multiplayer, never would play I would like to try, although some problems like incompatibility of mods and that, try it even until can, someone wants?...
  3. i think this is not about scripthookv... idk bro.. try reinstalling rage and lspdfr, or open a new theard in support
  4. Hola a todos, aunque sea un foro de habla inglesa, creo que podria haber gente que hable español, asi que hice un video en ayuda para instalar LSPDFR sin problemas y detallado! espero que les sirva
  5. what doesnt work for you? if you have scripthook 1604 dont need asisupport to run ELS What mods do you have?
  6. bro, for me works deleting advancedhookv.asi and all the scripthookvdotnet.asi, scripthookvdotnet.rasi, scripthookvdotnet.dll just deleting all the scripthookvdotnet. join the game without loading any plugin automatic. in game f4 "loadplugin" lspdfr first and asisupport after, just go on duty and try try and tell me but for ur information SCRIPTHOOKV was updated for 1604
  7. done finally its work in 1604!
  8. yea but how franko do els work in 1604 with ur asisuport, i try but it crashes when i load the plugin.. game crashes after load scripthookvdotnet succefully and : start new game fiber scripthookvdotnet -main >>> and crashes
  9. i downgrade without ur help xd but, now i install 1604 again to try with asisuport but when i load the plugin it crashes
  10. i have 1 folder of clear gta v, and 1 more copy for lspdfr, what i do was downgrade to 1493 succefully and install RPH 0.63. and it works. just need create a rule in firewall of gta v launcher that close the conection to internet to dont get updates on steam. play offline and problem solved. until the update comes out
  11. @Pavyi know but, i want to know if i need script hook or ELS can work without script hook..
  12. yea i solved it but now.. the script hook is not updated? what can do with it? when i tap CTRL+P without script hook els dont start up, i need script hook ?
  13. In the web of ragehook says: Added support for game patch v1604. Removed support for game patch v1493. but... i have 1604 game version and its says its supported!! wtf? help me please UPDATE : idk what happends. i reinstalled it once and now its solved.....
  14. lessien

    how do you add lights

    What I have understood and what I learned alone, is that the hierarchy is the typical one that you see importing an original vehicle, that is a constant, and afterwards it depends on each one, I have even named materials like "asdasd" (just for fast test ingame) that were not necessary for some function in the game, for example some iron bar in a pickup. that will not cause problems, what if it causes problems is not correctly name the original herarchy of a vehicle. with respect to the lights, I leave you an image of the original herarchy of the lights of the original ambulance. I do not know much about non-ELS, I know about ELS. so I hope if there is another partner that will help you better, or post another thread to ask about the system of sirens non-els
  15. lessien

    how do you add lights

    what do u mean with "misc?"