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  1. Not sure have not tried setting to 0. Instead try setting it higher to say 500 ( a 1 in 500 chance to hit) I have mine at 500 and I only see it once in a blue moon.
  2. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Police Pack [Vehicles + peds]

    Awesome pack........... I made some skins about 3 years ago for GTA IV, as well had the black version of the car. The Uniforms are on point and enjoy using your cars skins and Uniforms as my main play, Thank you very much for the hard work as I know what i takes to do these textures.
  3. I know Kilyin I replied to the wrong person somehow when I clicked on the reply it went back to the first post and I didn't realize and typed away to you sorry bud.
  4. At the moment I am using: Traffic policer,ALPR+,AmbientEmergencyResponse,Arrest Manager,CheepCallouts,ComputerPlus,Interaction+,LSPDFR+,ODLoadout v2,OnSceneBackup,PoliceSearch,SpeedRadarLite,StopThePed,Traffic Control,and Spotlight1.2 and all works together just have to edit keybinds to get it all good.
  5. NJG26Cappy

    [ELS] Unmarked CVPI

    I really like this car it looks awesome, and it is so basic with the lighting makes it feel real. Looks great with Radiance V at night. Thank you this will stay as my low profile rig.....
  6. NJG26Cappy

    2014 Dodge Charger Mini-Pack: "LSPD"

    Looks Great, all extras and lighting works awesome, Thank you
  7. NJG26Cappy


  8. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Trooper Texture -CVPI

    Let me know what ya think, Fine tuning then I'll post them up.
  9. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Trooper Texture -CVPI

    Trying to figure out how to do that and where to find the files....hopefully in the future. Thank you and glad you enjoy the textures.
  10. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Trooper Texture -CVPI

    I'm not sure what you mean? The texture should not affect how the extras work. What is the problem you are having?
  11. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Police!

    Glad ya now finally got it working if you would like a certain unit # with matching tags or custom plate name or whatnot for you car let me know I'll make ya one.
  12. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Trooper Texture -CVPI

    I'm not sure how the file reads the texture area of the plates, but I have not looked at the other cars.. but yes the plates I made on the texture. I just spawned a bunch diff cars all have the correct plates..
  13. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Police!

    Here is a video I did for ya punch for install http://www.twitch.tv/njg26cappy/v/19617629
  14. NJG26Cappy

    New Jersey State Police!

    You open the vehicles.rpf (that is where you should have installed the vehicle police.ytd files 4 total) inside that open police.ytd, you should see a cvpi_sign_3 inside police.ytd , That is the one that gets replaced.